After a decade on MacOS, I'm thinking of trying Windows 10 for my next laptop. Recent UNIX & Docker support sounds good enough for backend dev work, and I'd like more games & hardware choice. Anyone else made the switch recently? Opinions?

@yoz I personally hate windows 10 more than any previous version of Windows, but docker for Windows stable channel does work very well on there, having bash available is very welcome and my games work on there. So, yeah, works fine for Dev work with docker and games run okay.

@Russwilde Very useful, thank you! What do you hate about it?

@yoz it seems unfinished. There are two sets of settings; the old control panels and the new settings app. Not all settings appear in the new app, and the old control panels are hard to find. Some features can't be turned off, like web searches from the start menu, and some features are unbearably slow; for example, opening the default 'downloads' folder send to take an age. All other finders are pretty fast to browse.

@yoz oh yeah; Windows 10 has a notification center which doesn't seem to do anything, but you can't turn it off.

Also, noteworthy: you need Windows 10 PRO to run docker for Windows; hyper-v is used for the virtual docker host which refuses to run unless you pay for Pro.

@yoz I've had no end of intermittent trouble with Docker on Hyper-V, but the shift from OSX to Windows 10 (for work, not at home) has been pretty seamless, I don't feel i've missed much. I mostly run docker stuff and do dev work in a Linux VM but I did the same when running OSX

I found chocolatey useful (like homebrew for Windows) but I'm much more innately alarmed at running random PowerShell scripts than I would be with plain bash.

It's non-awful but I wouldn't choose it given the choice!

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