people complain about the Gungeon RNG but they don't realise how lucky they are

Speaking at in an hour and missing in-person conferences. Making up for it with my PDX CARPET SOCKS.

anyway tune in at 9:20 Pacific if you want even more ammo against TERRIBLE ERROR MESSAGES ‘cos that’s what I’ll be making silly gags about

sometimes I find a repo that makes my heart burst ❤️💚💙

yeah, floating-point bugs are a pain, but that kind of problem rarely happens in real life

if it does, just patch it to a double or something, easy fix

(thanks for sending me this, !)

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programming is great because you just tell the computer what to do and it does it really fast

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spoke to visiting college students this morning, tried to inspire them

this is what happens when you think that coding is difficult but writing is easy


one good editor could have prevented this. think of all the innocent eyeballs that didn't need to be clawed out

Sure, it may seem impossible, but remember: if you focus, stay dedicated to excellence, alienate everyone who ever loved you and aim for the stars, then maybe one day you'll be worth almost as much as Lotus Notes still is.

what I'm doing instead of writing my Facebook birthday post: relearning Sinclair BASIC

I'm fascinated by bizarre bug stories.

This one (retold by my ex-Linden-Lab-colleague Mark Ferlatte) happened in the mid-2000s.

The chain of decisions that made this possible could make a book-sized history of computing.

But if you only take one lesson: please, validate your inputs.

"Tales From the Romeo and Juliet Phase Space" (by @tophtucker) is both a great demo of and also tragically, thrillingly beautiful:

See enclosed video for a quick demo.

You're amazing, iconoclastic, a bit silly.
You were a total visionary about the internet.
You're massive fun to be with.
(Also, you married Bob & me. Ta much.)

Well done on jettisoning the mortal body. You'll always be an inspiration.

Thanks for everything, John Perry Barlow.

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