Yes, I'm still here, and (hopefully) active on Mastodon again. Don't think Birdsite will implode, but perhaps enough folks will move over here to make it viable.

Tweet echo (information) 

Sticking this here so I can easily find it again (and some of y'all may have an interest) ... and ... using

Cooking, curry 

Dinner was an amazing green chicken curry, made with a new-to-me Thai curry paste - Chaokoh/Mae Ploy brand. I'll go through this 1kg tub pretty quickly now - once a week curries for sure 🐺

I have become a snot fountain this morning.

That is all. 🐺

I know it's trivial compared to the several inches on the ground we'll have later, but *I like snow*!

Spicy food/cooking 

Homemade pork tinga - very, very spicy tinga. One photo is when I opened the pressure cooker, other is after shredding the meat and adding a few more things. It's now simmering.

Random afternoon movie choice was "Finding Rin Tin Tin." My brain hurts - I didn't expect dark & gritty ('cause it isn't), but I didn't expect Apple Dumpling Gang levels of saccharine, either.

Cute shepard on screen couldn't save it.

Flu shot acquired. A bit later than I usually do, but I'm not out and around as much this autumn, either.

Window a/c taken down and put into storage. *Now* it feels like autumn!

Slug eating a in the yard, just because I thought it was interesting.

Pretty top to this loaf of homemade sourdough - but for the first time, the loaf stuck to the pan so the rest isn't as pretty. Still tastes good 🐺

Wow - I can tell storms are coming in - it's stiflingly humid and still outside with that "storm" feeling I know from growing up in Texas.

Just a reminder, tomorrow is Mabon, autumnal equinox in the northern hemisphere. Celebrate!

Gotta do some minor refurb & repairs so I can run around as a werewolf at WPAFW

Homemade loaf of sourdough bread from a couple of nights ago. Prettiest one I've made so far 🐺

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