Ysengrin and Basil, about six years ago. Basil is much larger now.

Spicy food/cooking 

Homemade pork tinga - very, very spicy tinga. One photo is when I opened the pressure cooker, other is after shredding the meat and adding a few more things. It's now simmering.

Slug eating a in the yard, just because I thought it was interesting.

Pretty top to this loaf of homemade sourdough - but for the first time, the loaf stuck to the pan so the rest isn't as pretty. Still tastes good 🐺

Homemade loaf of sourdough bread from a couple of nights ago. Prettiest one I've made so far 🐺

Yeah, got to that point in and went back down the tunnels to take a selfie while Aurene was sleeping off a meat coma.

Posting these here before posting on Twitter, to show I'm me.

V1 and V2 Wolfess paws. I'm making the forms, but Nikki will be the one selling these.


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