Ysengrin and Basil, about six years ago. Basil is much larger now.

Yes, I'm still here, and (hopefully) active on Mastodon again. Don't think Birdsite will implode, but perhaps enough folks will move over here to make it viable.

Current and recent TV here 

@porsupah MasterChef Australia is a massive block - 11 seasons of 60+ full-length episodes, with the 12th season running now. It's far and away the best of the MasterChef licensees, and worth the effort to track it down.

Current and recent TV here 

@porsupah Heh - we overlap quite a bit. I'd suggest Dorohedoro and MasterChef Australia, too.

@rtwx Make it so ... and let the rest of us know how well it runs and how you did it.

Tweet echo (information) 

Sticking this here so I can easily find it again (and some of y'all may have an interest) ... and ... using

Cooking, curry 

Dinner was an amazing green chicken curry, made with a new-to-me Thai curry paste - Chaokoh/Mae Ploy brand. I'll go through this 1kg tub pretty quickly now - once a week curries for sure 🐺

@porsupah The first episode is pretty uneven and hard to watch, even with a decent werewolf. I haven't convinced myself I should watch the rest of 'em.

I have become a snot fountain this morning.

That is all. 🐺

I know it's trivial compared to the several inches on the ground we'll have later, but *I like snow*!

Spicy food/cooking 

@porsupah Unfortuanely it's easy to *over* cook in a pressure cooker, especially with lean meats. Use a fatty cut and minimal liquid and you'll get pretty good results.

Spicy food/cooking 

@Chel It's got a great flavor ... and it's got enough capsaicin afterkick to make your lips go numb.

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