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Light fog this morning, trying to become drizzle. A good day to be in the workshop 🐺

Huh - apparently there are things (like blocking accounts) that can be easily done on a mobile app but that seem to be unsupported on the web app.

*sigh* First tweet-type mass follow account I've been hit with here on Mastodon, coming from Complete with a "verified" check mark.

Didn't take 'em long to leak over from that other social platform.

Finally saw Isle of Dogs. Quirky and entirely enjoyable.

Watching hummingbirds posture and dance around the feeder this morning :)

Yeah, got to that point in and went back down the tunnels to take a selfie while Aurene was sleeping off a meat coma.

Posting these here before posting on Twitter, to show I'm me.

V1 and V2 Wolfess paws. I'm making the forms, but Nikki will be the one selling these.

Just sticking a paw into the waters over here ...


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