Finally I moved my new house today. successfully evacuated from "Mad city".

Niigata, the city in Hokuriku-region. And famous for rice🍚.

Now here Japan is the season of f**** pollen allergy. A uncountable amount of ceder pollen attacked me.

I deleted all accounts of SNS without, I do not want to watch someone's happiness. I'm sick of it.

Today I visited Seijo University. Here is famous because President Abe graduated. Ah, why was I in this university? To attend the meeting for teacher training.

not like China. The name is "Ceder Pollen Allergy"!

The season of pollution just started. My noses are already ready for fighting.

LOTOCRACIA, Elegir a nuestros políticos de manera aleatoria tiene sus ventajas. La democracia representativa tiene un serio problema con los partidos políticos y sus listas cerradas de candidatos, que solo representan a la endogamica burocracia del

Winter is gone. The atmosphere of Tokyo is already spring.a

Shodoshima-Island, here is one of the most famous island in Japan as Olive island.

The well of Onsen-Hotspring in the central Atami. Half of Atami's Onsen-Hot springs drow hotwater from this well. The temperature of water is 90℃!

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