Mr Boyd thinks he should be entitled to many things in the open source rails/webpacker project.

The updated State of Vue.js report is coming out in February 2019! And we need your voice to make it happen. You can contribute by filling out a short survey Thanks on behalf of the whole Vue.js community!

Can we have this in Rails' webpacker?


My standard answer for anyone who working with bitcoin
"Why are Bitcoin exchanges hives of scum and villainy?"

Because if they weren't Bitcoin would be valued at its use value, not its speculative value.

"Why don't we find a bottom in the market?"

Because the use value is, to a reasonably accurate approximation, zero.

Precisely about the price of bitcoin.
If everyone was holding bitcoin on the old x86 in their parents basement, we would be finding a price bottom. The problem is the risk is all pooled at a few brokerages and a network of rotten exchanges with counter party risk that makes AIG circa 2008 look like a good credit.

Software engineering business advice: you should not take the software project that you previously rejected, at any price. Your life and time is not worthwhile to Chase after that money. Discuss.

Dear internet, please tell me a laptop that I can switch to from MacOSX. Thank you <3

What's better than finding one good thing today? Two! 😍

There is an ongoing clickbait SMS scam titled POSB. If you receive this message, DO NOT click it. It's not from POSB.

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Consume this:

Grit is not a replacement of conscientiousness. Aim for accuracy and thoroughness, not simply perseverance.

Repeat after me:

The growth of headcount is simply growth of expense. Raising VC is raising debt.

Looks like liquid cooling will come to iPhone next year. Yes, I learnt this from the razor phone tear down. And yes, if not for iOS and Google, I would just switch to Android phones already.

This is what happens when you install a dam or a weir and how the sediment transport changes in a river

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