I spent the last 2 hours "experimenting different ways to brew mana potion cocktails"

that is totally not an excuse to have 10 cocktails in a row

I'm smashed and opened the laptop in an internet-addict way of get to bed but
now it feels right to wanikani before that

time, change 

I started planning my next trip in jp and realized that the last one was last sept and it feels like yesterday.

it kinda came crushing down. time slips by and I feel I missing chances for change, so fast they're just an afterimage

I'm doing the jp tooting experiment again… 

either mstdn.jp is not on cloudflare anymore or I build a lucky tor circuit today but I didn't get the usual errors. so after 3 months I can't read most of what I tooted before. I went too heavy on translators without writing down the vocabs I used to study later.
tooting anything in jp still takes me ages.
idk how I feel about this but I need to keep it up or it's for naught.

I might go to japan again between sept and oct, any good recommendations for stuff to do/places to see?


I'm totally not procrastinating that conference proposal writing
nono, not me

lb: I was about to go "mercy can only be shipped with pharah" but that's. so. cute. i'm sold.

you keep forgetting to mention the anime where ur reaction pics are from

also, subtooting ur other-instance self

AK Corporate buyers often buy in terms of feature sets. But at PARC our idea was, since you never step in the same river twice, the number-one thing you want to make the user interface be is a learning environment—something that’s explorable in various ways, something that is going to change over the lifetime of the user using this environment. New things are going to come on, and what does it mean for those new things to happen?

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and once again I'd say things about today but I feel that would reveal details so I shaddap.
sometimes I wonder if I should be strict about "no details that are personal , location, acquaintances" or just stick to "no one who knows my meatspace me knows I'm me"

If Linux is so good why didn't anybody make a Linux 2

I didn't accomplish any of the things I meant to do today
but I traded that off for trying to make a mana potion cocktail, getting very close to layer a white russian correctly and playing "keep talking and nobody dies"

downside of blogging: I'm having a sudden spike of interest in seo and customizing jekyll templates

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