Currently working on porting kbwiki from Erlang to nim. What's kbwiki, you ask? It's what powers and

It's a ball of Erlang I threw together in a frenzy, and while it's served it's purpose well, I'm ready to move to something a bit easier to edit and grow.

Screencap of WIP:


Why Erlang? Because I've wanted to learn it in the past, in part because of it's well known runtime. Why Nim? Because webapps aren't Erlang's strong suit. It *can* do them, but there's a lot more ceremony vs Go, and Nim is more concise in the small than Go is.

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And, for side projects where I have limited time, Erlang and Go's runtimes don't seem quite so compelling held up against their verbosity.

Nim doesn't have a hugely multithreaded server with a trie-based router that runs at super high speed as of yet.

But it *can*. And I could be part of getting it there. Not tonight, of course.

I'm hoping that the end result of porting this over still stands up to reddit/hn well, but that's never been a thing I've actually had to stand up to.

At least, Nim, as I get used to some of it's quirks, seems to be more fun to write than Go. Granted, I'm probably handling errors less correctly than I would in Go. But, not having to think about them all the time is a nice break.

And, for some reason, following the compiler errors is easier than in Go or Erlang

The other nice thing about nim is that it's super easy to write files for little scripty things, and then they can become executables quite quickly.

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