i haven't checked this site in like 3 days and everyone is now on a new instance "bofa.lol" wtf is bofa??

y'all are euphoric now, but without enemies to dunk on you're gonna go crazy

huh i wonder how Mastodon is gonna change after the influx of all these Twitter leftists and... uhh.. well this is new...

my very liberal always follow back policy is motivated by the perhaps incorrect assumption that all unfollowed followers are migrants from birdlandia

this is like a strategy game where you gotta figure out which resources to build first--follows, toots, memes, etc--and if you pick wrong you lose

can i get that toot toot
not gonna tweet tweet
scrolling thru my local
boosting all mufos
while they staying on the bird site tho

boost begging on here is way less gauche and desperate than on the other site boost if you agree

besides toot puns what are the cool in jokes i need to know or w/e

i feel like this site's pickup is too new to be at the "unfollowing for not posting" stage so maybe if I just shut my damn mouth & follow everybody I can have like a super popular account

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