if mastodon is opensource we can actually change the interface of it?

i'm not a war fan myself actually wars r just fun on video games and movies.

i'll never understand why politicals r so FANATIC for wars
bro i mean they don't have more important things to do????

my cellphone just broke yay
idk if i should buy another one or just fix it

my bf saw my discord icon was yellow instead of blue in the middle of watching anime and he asked me how i did that. im just using discord canary so i can use custom css and the icon for canary is yellow lol. so he asked me if there was a way he could change his icon without using canary and i explained how to through the file properties and he paused his anime and has spent like the last 40 minutes making a red discord icon. his discord is gonna look so frickin cool after this

no one:
no single person:
dev entering on mastodon: hello world

i was thinking about bringing my friends to tumblr but they hated the idea.


Achei aqui bem respirável tho
é muito bom não ver gente famosa com 99k de like na tl direto

mds já tem vent acc aqui socorro n quero ter recaida

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