Hellow !

Today we are looking for people who can (re)test install on ARM64 as we successfully compiled the last missing piece for ARM64 support 😁 !

Basically you should be able to start from an Armbian / Debian-like install and run the install script as described in 😉

Your feedback would help us to validate that everything is running as expected 💙 !

@yunohost je confirme, ça fonctionne sur un raspberry3 raspbian stretch lite. Voulez vous les logs d'installation ?

@galileo Uh mais le Raspi3 c'est pas vraiment du arm64, c'est un peu du hybride je crois :s ... Enfin en tout cas c'était déjà connu que ça marchait :s

@yunohost which dead line date? I can probably check next month.
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