Annnnd we just released YunoHost 3.2 😋 ! This version includes a new key feature which we anticipate will make a difference in debugging issues such as failed app installs ✌️ !

Several improvements were also made in the admin documentation 📄 !

In the meantime, we are also creating a french association called "Support Self-Hosting" (SSH :thinkerguns: ) to help with receiving donations / grants and deciding how to allocate the monee™ 💰.

More info on the release note :


Fantastic! Can't wait to be able to send people to actually donate at your #Liberapay page again! Congratulations on the new release. You're doing amazing and important work! 💞

@Troll @yunohost Je n'ai rien dit, je suis encore en debian Jessie

Il ne reste plus qu'à faire la MàJ :polarbear:

@yunohost would you consider creating a Patreon account? Or do you now a european equivalent that is just as good?

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