Hey there !

We made a first testing release for version 3.5, and are looking for people to give us feedback πŸ˜‹ !

For now, it essentially contains many fixes and improvements for UX, security and general robustness :blobcatcoffee:. It also includes many new stuff for our devoted application packagers πŸ“¦ πŸ’. (In parallel we are also reworking some aspects of our quality control and the whole official app classification!)

More info inside the release note :thinkerguns: !

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There's also Urbit. Do you really believe Yuno will prevail, survive, develop and became sturdy, stable and idiot proof enough to become popular and common?

@barszczyk Dunno what Urbit is ... the website sounds quite mysterious ...

Prevail ? Well we don't know, probably not with this trajectory (the project would need some serious funding to be able to scale to something "popular and common" imho. But we are trying a few things to go in that direction.

@barszczyk @yunohost I've used yunohost for more than four years now. Haven't had any problems. For my use case its stable.

I'm thinking of Synology server, also considering rasp Pie but i'm afraid it'll be too weak

@barszczyk you should give it a try. I started with a raspberry pi 1 . You can always migrate to another more powerfull server with the included backup.they even have an own dyndns service to start with.

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