We are happy to announce the release of 3.7 \o/ ! 🎉

It's been a complicated one, but finally it's there ! Coming with :
- 🔐 a brand new user group system to manage apps access permissions
- 💻🔨 robustness improvements in the way we handle app installs and upgrades
- 🗣️ quite a lot of messages improvements, string cleaning, language rework, and so many translations updates !

All infos:

📦 You may have also heard that our app got upgraded to 18.x !

@yunohost Thank you, I know, that broke my Nextcloud and I'm trying to understand why.

@Sans_DeC @yunohost
Probably you need only to rehabilitate all of your applications in nextcloud, like contacts, agenda and whatever you had before. At least I needed to do

@leandro It's stille in maintenance mode, I can"t access to anything

sudo -u www-data php /var/www/nextcloud/occ maintenance:mode --off
didn't work

@Sans_DeC @leandro

Connecte toi en root et refait la commande (ou alors montre nous les erreurs que ça produit...)

Sinon l'endroit pour discuter du soucis c'est

L'erreur que ça produit c'est :
This version of Nextcloud requires at least PHP 7.2<br/>You are currently running 7.0.33-26+0~20200320.33+debian9~1.gbp746b8e. Please update your PHP version.root@laab:/var/www/nextcloud#


@Sans_DeC @leandro Dans ce cas remplace php par php7.3 dans ta commande

Thanks for your amazing work!!
Great project, great system, great people 👏

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