Hey there !

Yesterday we started opened an alpha-testing for 4.x running on Debian :blobcatcoffee: !

🚧 Note that for now this is intended to gather feedback from people who are not afraid to tinker and it should *absolutely not be used in production*.

If you have some time to try this on a test server, this would help us very much stabilizing the migration and support for Buster πŸ‘ !

More info on the forum:

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@yunohost that is fantastic news, glad you're getting buster support!

@yunohost Looking forward to it. This was keeping me from upgrading my Hardware to a PI 4 :raspberry_pi:

@yunohost is there a rough estimation when this gets beta or stable?
I would like to test Yunohost again and Buster base would be great for some other reasons.

Will it be possible to upgrade from Alpha to stable when it is released?

I guess I will sign up to the forum and ask there...

@Utzer I guess a rough estimation is going for a beta during the next 2~4 weeks, and a stable early july or during july. But ultimately the real answer is "when it's ready" ...

Yes, it's possible to switch to stable even from the alpha, but doing so is not really recommended as we can't guarantee that this won't lead to inconsistencies.

@yunohost thanks. But generally updates from version to version are expected to work well, so it is just because of the alpha version?
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