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βšͺ a man
βšͺ a woman
πŸ”˜ a freesoftware distribution who tries to make sysadmin accessible to everyone because we need everyone to decentralized Internet!

and I'm looking for:
πŸ”˜ users πŸ’•
πŸ”˜ volunteers with all sort of skillz (communicating, programming (python/shell/lua), sysadmin, UX, html/css/js, translating, you name it!) that wants to join our adventure to improve the world, have fun and makes software that matters for humans 😊

Join us \o/

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@yunohost what is exactly yunohost? What services have yunohost?

@Nuria Basically, we're trying to democratize running and administrating your own server, so that you can setup your own Wordpress, Nextcloud, Wiki, (or, say, Mastodon instance), have your very own mailbox (and not someone's else), ...without needing a PhD in computer science. In a few words : self-hosting for human-beings.

It's also very motivated by the need to decentralized internet.

See for the list of community apps, which gives an idea of what you can deploy πŸ˜‰

@yunohost I guess your goal is to make this thing easy to use for a relatively tech-savvy but not-linux-expert people?

@Wolf480pl Ideally, we're trying to make this easy even for "non-tech-savvy" people. Still have some work to do on this though...

But basically, running your own server should be a common thing, just like everybody can use Linux if there's good UI/UX (whereas about 10-15 years ago you *had* to be tech-savvy.).

Though I expect that anyway, you need some basic notions regarding how Internet/computer works. Which school should teach, just like it teaches grammar and physics.

@yunohost well, while we can get Aunt Tillie to use some desktop Linux distro once it's installed, I don't think she'd be able to burn the ISO and install it herself.

And I certainly don't think Aunt Tillie would buy a RasPi and install YunoHost on it.

Tho, I think the lever of tech-savvyness necessary to buy a RasPi and hook it up correctly would be a nice target.

@Wolf480pl Yes, just like she probably won't install her Linux distro herself, Aunt Tillie probably won't buy a RPi, burn the ISO and install it herself.

That's why there's La Brique Internet / The Internet Cube project : buy a cube, plug at home, and play.

@yunohost that wikihow on picking a secure password IMO sucks. Probably because it's a wikihow.
I'd rather suggest something like the second half of this (from "Back in 2008" till the end)

I will really try.
I promise.

I'll get more experience and I will try.
I promise.