Hello YunoHost users !

If you like YunoHost and want to give 15 seconds to help the project, it would be awesome if you could recommend the project on Distrowatch ! 😃

You just need to click here : - then search for YunoHost (e.g. with Ctrl+F) and click Recommend ! :toot:

Cheers ! 😜

@yphil @yunohost Oooooh that's some interesting work :o Thanks for sharing that !

@yphil I'm kind of fond with this "video collage" style thing (dunno if it has a name)

Reminds me of Blank Banshee stuff like and Yung Lean 😛

@aleks I do everything myself, dude. From writing to video post-prod :) and yes, I play all the instruments and sing all the voices (with the odd friend for the backings, but it hasn't happen on the last 2 albums) thank you so very much for noticing 🤖

@aleks @yunohost Thank you *very* much, it means the world to me. Don't hesitate to share your discovery ;)

@yunohost done! Thanks again and again for the nice work done so far!
😍 😍

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