Hey there !

We are proud to announce that version 3.8 got released as stable ! 😋

It includes :
- 🔬 a brand new diagnosis system to identify, warn and explain how to fix common issues when setting up a server (like DNS records, port exposure, ...)
- 🔖 applications are now organized by categories
- 🗃️ support for XMPP upload
- 🚀 aaand looot of small fixes/improvements !

In the background, we are also finalizing the transition to Buster (soon™ ✌️)

More info on the forum:

And if you want an idea of what remains to be translated we now have a nice chart for that :) !

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In case there are some experts around, we are still looking for help for this issue which breaks our ISO... For some reason `debhelper` fails to install properly (because of some policy-rc.d thing..?) and we don't really have control over the installation process...

Any clue is welcome (you can easily reproduce the issue by running an install in a virtualbox using our iso from yunohost.org/#/images in non-graphical mode, then once the install fails go to tty4 or tty2 to investigate)

Hellow !

We are desperately looking for persons who have expertize in LDAP for a few ~noobish questions :.

We have a few ideas which might greatly improve UX in YunoHost if only we knew how to implement it 😅.

Feel free to contact us on -dev @ freenode (ping Bram / Aleks) 😜

@ljf found this epic old CD of YunoHost beta 1 back from 2012 ! :owi:

Hey, we are still no compatible with Stretch :psyduck:, but at least now we have cool charts to tell you about it :thinkerguns: !


Hello community, we want to thanks you all a lot, thanks to your participations we have decided of the 2 next official applications :) !

It's going to be piwigo (photo gallery) piwigo.org/ and ampache (music streaming server) ampache.org/ (but wait for a few week before it's going to be the case)

Again, thanks a lot, your huge participation was really a confirmation that YunoHost matters and make a difference, it's really important for us 💕

Premier grand drame catastrophique pendant notre Brique Camp !

Est-ce que notre équipe arrivera à survivre ? Trouverons t'il une solution ? Ceci est'il le début de la fin ?

La suite aux prochains épisodes !

Just went through the recent tickets and pull requests to clarify a bit our roadmap 📜 . We're getting pretty close to release a nice 2.7 in testing 😜 ! (Then the next big thing should be migration to stretch)

Here's some teasing for you 😘


We just made it easier to contribute to the documentation !

- Go to a documentation page, for instance yunohost.org/#/selfhosting
- Press 'Escape' to enter edit mode
- Preview your changes by pressing 'Escape' again
- Click Send, enter your email and a small description
- Confirm your submission via the email you receive...
- Enjoy !

mastodon.social/media/1dYHgDOr mastodon.social/media/hf6wrwtb mastodon.social/media/x1nLXZzn

Let's have a look at the roadmap (packaging of all @Framasoft apps for @yunohost) : about two thirds of the apps packaged or ongoing, thanks to the nice work of packagers 😄 ! (cc Maniack C, @framasky, @JimboJoe, @Lapineige and many others 😘)


Feel free to come contribute ! More info in here : dev.yunohost.org/versions/12

By the way, if you maintain a software packaged for YunoHost, we now have a nice "Install with Yunohost" badge that you can put on your website (or README.md) 🎉 !

More info on github.com/YunoHost/install-ap


We've just made a new TESTING release in our beta program \o/

You can find all the changelog here github.com/YunoHost/yunohost/r

It would really help us if you could join our beta testing program and see if everything is working for you. You can find all the instructions on how to join and the things to test here forum.yunohost.org/t/yunohost- mastodon.social/media/KHF96HrM

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