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Tiens, je découvre qu'ARN propose des VPS avec une installation automatique de #Yunohost :

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@PaulaToThePeople If people can do port forwarding on their home computer, try out Yunohost!

been self-hosting: nextcloud, XMPP, searx for about 2 years now.


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Nous continuons tranquillement notre cure de désintox aux GAFAM… Bientôt, plus de gmail, drive & co chez Pourpenser mais des instances #nexcloud, #mattermost avec l'aide de @yunohost et dans le même temps nous continuons le projet Oplibris… #opensource #outils #édition #livres

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Un grand #merci à toutes celles et ceux qui travaillent sur le projet @yunohost : je travaille depuis quelques semaines à monter un bel espace collaboratif pour l'équipe de @pourpenser et j'ai hâte de partager tout ça…

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Also just to clarify something, and I will talk more about it, once everything is set. (90% of things aren't at the moment) @yunohost works.

If you are techy enough to want to host your own server but don't QUITE want to deal with actual installs from source and dockers etc, even mastodon wasn't that hard to get off of the ground, all things considered. (and #mastodon probably is one of the trickier software to deploy) #FLOSS #selfhosting

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If someone have idea on how debug this shit I WILL TAKE IT GLADLY

Drone Github Publish Plugin not working but was working before #WTF


@vanitasvitae @ButterflyOfFire Maybe the purpose is to demonstrate that wordpress is a security disaster 🤔

@moul @manu_smx Ében il est listé si tu sélectionne "voir toutes les applications" et dans ce cas il apparaît mais marqué comme "not working" ?

(Il est pas marqué comme "non maintenu" car on gère l'état maintenu / pas maintenu seulement sur les apps déclarées "working" ... mais on voit quand même la date de dernière mise à jour en 2014)

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YunoHost is a version of Linux designed to make it as easy as possible to run your own server, either at home or remotely.

You can follow the project here (in English and French):

➡️ @yunohost

They also have a PeerTube channel (mostly in French):

➡️ @yunohost

You can download Yunohost from the official site at

It runs on new PCs, old PCs and Raspberry Pis.

#YunoHost #Linux #SelfHosting #SelfHost #Hosting #FOSS #FLOSS #Libre #RaspberryPi #HomeServer #HomeServers

@arthurlutzim Hmpf yes and no, it's supposed to be handled by resolvconf (the service/package, not the file) but it's always a mess and not reliable ~_~

@arthurlutzim So you flashed the image, booted, ran the curl with explicit https, and no issue about certificates ?

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@l3g0b0y once installed most maintenance and installs take place in a user friendly web panel.

I can't believe it, but I currently run: an xmpp server, next cloud, bitwarden, peertube, roundcube, and wordpress all from an old PC:).

I stress, I am not tech saavy, I just don't mind asking questions;). Their forums are very friendly and very supportive. You can follow them here @yunohost

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@yunohost is the best thing since slice bread!

@nextcloud @writefreely @pixelfed and #Bitwarden instances all setup in an afternoon... 👏

Now to look at what else I can get running... 😄 #yunohost #selfhosted #EasyAsPie

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