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@louis Normalement il suffit d'enlever "testing" de /etc/apt/sources.list.d/yunohost.list et de faire un "apt-get dist-upgrade" (avant ou après)

This is it 🎉 !

After several months of alpha/beta-testing, we are proud today to release *YunoHost 3.0 for Stretch*, as well as version 2.7.14 which includes a mechanism to migrate from Jessie to Stretch :toot: !

We want to give a warm thank to all people who took time to test and gave feedback on this release 😙 !

You can find further info on the release note :

@danslerush Il faut remonter les logs d'une ~20aine de ligne (en mettant la souris sur la barre en haut) pour voir qu'est-ce qui a posé probleme exactement :s

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Its a kind reminder that #YunoHost is waiting for the approval to get listed on to the #DistroWatch list.  Hopefully next check from DistoWatch team would be after YunoHost 3 is released. Please vote for your favorite self hosting platform before  YunoHost 3 gets released and let others know about it too.

Happy self-hosting

@Blort Btw technically we already have some apps (at least 2 in the commity list ?) hosted on a gitlab and a gogs so it's not like app installation is github-only.

@ljf found this epic old CD of YunoHost beta 1 back from 2012 ! :owi:

@pmorinerie Oui pas de soucis, le status "inprogress" existe précisémment pour ça ;).

@Blort Yes and no : this comes with version-bumping for some software parts like PHP (of course, which speeds things up btw), postgresql, rspamd and metronome.

There are also improvements / rework of how we do a few things internally, like our deb build chain, or having semi-automated image builds for x86, RPi and other arm boards. Also cleaning / small UX improvements in the install script.

So no real fancy feature for the end user, though there are some in the pipeline 😉

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@yunohost @funbreaker Totally. At the same time, Yunohost can help here in an insurrection way. Make it easy for people to self host the alternatives (Gog's, Gitea, Gitlab etc) and there will be more demand for federation in these services, not to mention devs interested in implementing federation to scratch their own itch.

For the moment, just making Gog's/Gitea/GitLab official one-click to install apps in Yunohost would make a big difference!

@ozzmos If i remember correctly, it was recently downgraded from "working" to "inprogress" because failing the automatic tests.

Gogs works fine though :

@funbreaker Yes, probably. We need to discuss what's the plan but leaving Github has been in the team's mind for some time and this event will probably speed things up. It's not straightforward though, as we have many pieces of software tight-coupled to Github. Also it would really make more sense to leave Github if there was federated alternatives...

🇬🇧 Hellow ! If you always dreamed to have time and space to work on the and project, we are currently organizing the 2018's Brique Camp 🎉 !

More info on

🇫🇷 Coucou ! Si vous avez toujours rêvé d'avoir du temps et de l'espace pour contribuer aux projets et , nous sommes actuellement en train d'organiser le Brique Camp 2018 🎉 !

Plus d'infos sur

@Quenti Merci pour tout ce super taf ! :toot: ❤️

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After many days trying to get my own server, getting multiple issues, I decided yesterday to give a try to #YunoHost.
I have now my #RaspberryPi fully setup, #Nextcloud working and can get rid of other #GAFAM solutions :)
I strongly recommend it!
Thanks a lot for your amazing job @yunohost !

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Plus intéressant : la documentation en elle même. Y a plusieurs points qui apparaissent :

- y a plein de contribs (de l'épique mais pas que)qui sont agglutinées et pas nomé, on sait pas trop qui a fait quoi :/
- moul est le contrib principale et a fait une grosse différence à autant taffer sur la doc, ça compte vraiment
- depuis qu'il en fait moins, à part des points spécifiques y a plus personne pour jardiner :(
- énormément de petites contributions, ça fait une grosse différence