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Thanks to @yunohost I have now #peertube installed - It was truly easy, like it should be.

We finally released our donation interface 🎉 !

If you want to financially support , you can donate on this interface :blobcatcoffee:

The interface is based on the Transpay software from the awesome people of @TransPosees ! It is now available as a Yunohost app here :

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#yunohost people, I've packaged mailman3 over at I'd love some feedback if you take it for a test run (doesn't have a YunoHost rating "level" yet and only supports install/remove). Also see

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Ah, one more thing! Friday 7PM UTC we have a project jam in the Peers community, and everyone is welcome to join!

IRC: #peers on Freenode

ForgeFed tasks you can help with: Check out the open issues and the forum topics, write feedback. Ask questions, to let us know what's missing in the docs. Hack on MCFI and Vervis. Look into initial ActivityPub support in existing forges such as #GitLab CI and #Gitea.

Also, just have nice chat and inspire each other :)


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Hello brave souls :)

#Vervis now has follow buttons, and I'm almost done implementing unfollowing. Then I'll check how difficult it is to generate Push activities for #Darcs.

I'd like to work faster, dedicate more time to #ForgeFed ! I finally applied for some funding. If I'm lucky and get NLNet funding, I can do dedicated full-time work on ForgeFed for a whole year! If you have ideas for other such organizations that have relevant funding programs, please tell me :)


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TIL #yunohost gives you a #xmpp server at install.

Time to stop using my account. Not like I ever talked to anyone or have any contacts there :ElfKidDontKnow:
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To avoid any confusion about which services are to be maintained, restricted or closed, we have produced a new visualization to read and share! (please retoot)

If you want to know more, please read our blog-post (in English) here

(thanks to @maiwann for her work <3! ) #TootOuRien #Degooglify #Framasoft #Framapiaf #Services #CHATONS... and still #nodrama

Dear contributors,

we will have our next meeting on Tuesday, October 1st, 2019 on our Mumble server at 20:30 !

You are welcome to join even if you’re not currently contributing and/or just want to discover and see how things works in the project! :blobcatcoffee:

More info on the dedicated topic:

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#ForgeFed update 🙂

Repos are #ActivityPub actors. There's now an activity type called Push, and such an activity can published automatically whenever you push new commits into a repo. In Vervis, I implemented this for Git, not yet for Darcs.

What remains for the demo:

- Implement following (WIP, almost done)
- Darcs support (TODO if not too much work)

I hope to get this done very soon ^_^

Btw, happy autumn 🍁


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Samedi 28 septembre à 14:00 place de la république, nous serons présents au Village des possibles à #Châteauroux organisée par #indreentransition #fêtedespossibles !

Au programme du stand logiciels libres, plein d'infos :
* Services numériques @ChatonsOrg @Framasoft #labriqueinternet @yunohost
* Fourniture d’accès à Internet associatif @federationfdn
* Ordiphones libérés @purism #lineageOS
* Claviers Bepo avec (X-bows)

Rendez-vous au niveau du Stand 2 !

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@Framasoft @chagratt N'hésitez d'ailleurs pas à venir faire connaissance sur notre forum :

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Déframasoftisons Internet ! #TootOuRien

Ne hurlez pas tout de suite, mais nous annonçons ici la fermeture progressive, sur plusieurs années, de certains services de « Dégooglisons Internet ». Nous voulons le faire en bonne intelligence, afin de concentrer nos énergies vers plus de décentralisation et d'efficacité pour les actrices et les acteur

#Communaute #Degooglisons #GAFAM #Internet #Libre #Planet #PlanetEdu #RezoTIC

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The growing presence of big Internet platforms can benefit the user by offering seamless Internet experiences, but it could also harm innovation, competition, and the Internet’s broader architecture, says the report, which marks the start of the #InternetSociety’s efforts to examine this issue -> #NextGenerationInternet

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Si vous voulez pourrir les notifications de quelqu'un aujourd'hui, c'est l'anniversaire de @Pouhiou 😀
Bon anniversaire ! 🎂

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#Yunohost - schon mal gehört? Das Ding ist großartig! Ihr nehmt einen Debian-Server oder Raspberry Pi her, startet einen Einzeiler und habt einen Server installiert, auf dem Ihr per Mausclick oder Kommandozeile Domains konfigurieren, Zertifikate holen, User verwalten, Webanwendungen installieren/updaten/deinstallieren und sichern könnt. Das ist die #selfhosting-Lösung, die ich immer haben wollte:

The issue has been fixed thanks to beudbeud. Services should be going back to normal 👍

Hi there,

we have an issue affecting one of our main servers. As a consequence, several services are down for now and we're investigating it.

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