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Thanks to our team of highly trained packaging monkeys 📦🐒 , today we reached the milestone of 50 apps level 7 ! 🎉❤️

Level 7 is the maximum integration level for now, meaning that the app supports install/remove, upgrade, backup/restore, integration with the SSO and other things 😋 !

In other news : there's currently ~200 community apps, among which ~100 are declared as working 😁 !

Also if you're an app packager, we have a dashboard summarizing automated test results :

Bon, le forum est actuellement indisponible mais on est sur le coup 😅

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Les slides de ma conférence "#YunoHost : vers l’auto-hébergement et au-delà" faites #jdll sont disponibles ici :

Merci aux orgas, c'était super cool ❤

So since it's the hype about , just know that, yes, you can setup a peerube instance with 😋

Check out the peertube_ynh app (at least the testing branch) thanks to the work on @anmol and @rigelk 👌 :toot: !

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Le package The Lounge (un client IRC) pour :yunohost: est presque fini 🙂 (plus que systemd à configurer)

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We just opened our alpha-testing phase for support on Debian 🎉 !

Feel free to follow the instructions and give us feedback about it, this would help us so much ✌️ !

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Aw man, by following @yunohost, I changed their follower total from 666 to 667. Can someone else unfollow them to reapply the edgy-ness?

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Et finalement c'est une de nos membres qui l'a trouvé en librairie 😋

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Actually playing with @yunohost 2.7.9 (stable), creating subdomain, adding let's encrypt certificate to them, moving already installed apps under this subdomain. And everything just works. Very good job. Really.

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I just stumbled upon the list of #framasoft packages for #yunohost

Already including #peertube !

This is awesome!

@rodinux raconte comment il a migré son serveur YunoHost d'une machine à l'autre : backup de l'ancienne machine, import du backup sur la nouvelle machine, restore, et hop ! ❤️

(sorry pour le message custom, Mastodon me laisse pas trouver ton pouet original depuis cette instance x_x)

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#Wallabag for @yunohost were just updated to 2.3.2 version ! 🎉

In addition to 2.3.x improvements, it now support changing the URL after installation 🙂


@wallabag pour #Yunohost vient juste d'être mis à jour en version 2.3.2 ! 🎉

En plus des améliorations des versions 2.3.x, il supporte maintenant le changement d'URL après installation 🙂

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Arabic contributors of #YunoHost are making really cool progress, this is so cool :) ❤

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Anybody have experience with ? Is it stable, worthwhile, etc?

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Le #FDLN de #Rennes se rapproche... J'ai fini mes petites slides sur #YunoHost, on verra si le breton est curieux ^^

🔐🔑 ! VIENDEZ ! ❤ 💻

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New testing release of @wallabag for @yunohost 🎉

Includes upgrade to version 2.3.2.

Don't hesitate to step in and help with package testing to get the stable release soon!

Hey, we are still no compatible with Stretch :psyduck:, but at least now we have cool charts to tell you about it :thinkerguns: !

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