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feels like having an unlimited golden mushroom in : your competitors have no way to keep pace

v0.6.0 is out 🤯

✅Improved privacy
✅lot of fixes & improvements

This week is dedicated to finish Billing and start native (local first) apps (using @FlutterDev 😀) 👉

Bloom's forum ( will be deprecated starting at 2019/08/01

GitLab issues ( are preferred to discuss bugs & features and Discord chat ( for chatting

See the announcement for the Why:

v0.5.0 is out 🤩

✅ Improved privacy
✅ Public profiles
✅ lot of fixes & improvements (Notes, Calendar...) 😀

Billing has been delayed to this week 👉

It's the last sprint before starting native Apps and e2e 🔐 (we are testing )

Quelques projets libres utiles pour éviter les GAFAM, dans divers domaines :
Petit coup de cœur pour de @z0mbie42 qui se développe et s'améliore de semaine en semaine ;-)

Event Sourcing is an elegant and powerful pattern but it leaks too much metadata and does not match Bloom's Privacy Level Objective

This is why we will start to ditch it at v0.5.0

should be built into products from the ground up!

Bloom v0.4.0 is out 🚀

✅ Improved notes
✅ Improved help center
✅ ...

This week's sprint will be dedicated to billing 👉

It's the last sprint before starting the offline first Desktop App which will pave the way for native Mobile Apps and e2e encryption 🔐

Bloom v0.3.0 is out 🎉

More than 18 improvements shipped last week:
✅ Calendar event creation/edition/deletion
✅ Drive Drag&Drop
✅ Improved help center
✅ Gallery images
✅ Nightly builds
+ many other things

Next week sprint 👉

Big thanks to all contributors 🥰

After a week of intense development, we are excited to announce Bloom v0.2.0 🥳

✅ Android App files upl + dl
✅ Dark theme (MyAccount)
✅ Self hosting + documentation
✅ Admin dashboard
+ a multitude of things

Big thanks to Benjamin Coenen, William Mbotta Elimbi, John McDonnell and Tim Whiting 🙏

A lot of bugs fixed this week, and many others planned to be fixed before the end of the week for httpa:// (especially Android app file upload) 😀

Next release on Sunday 🚀

Hi 🙋

The past days have been really exciting 🤩

A lot of feedback, a lot of support and a lot of bugs to fix.

What are the next steps? How to collaborate? The roadmap? 👉

Have a great day ☀️

4 500 000 requests in 96H and only 3 minor crashs, I think was a good choice for 😀

Bugs fixed today:

✅ Bitflow slow workers
✅ New contact button
✅ Drive usage calculation
✅ Password reset link
✅ Phaser: target verification
✅ Drive: 'move to' dialog
✅ MyAccount: default avatar

Thank you very much for your support and remember It's just the beginning of a great adventure 🚀


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