@fatuus Hi, An issue is open: gitlab.com/bloom42/app-Android

But it wasn't done before the launch because it seemed too much work

@liaizon Hi Liaizon,

Currently it's based on a home made HTTP API (code here: gitlab.com/bloom42/bloom)

We plan in the future to rely on standards to assure interoperability.


...youch, right!? got to be a massive turn-off for just about anybody! & i read the entire TOS & privacy policy before following the "try for free" link to the paywall. pretty sure most the neighbors heard me curse :P


still, if there is indeed a free demo i would try it.

@nydel @andyc

Hi Andy and Nydel.

The code is free (as in freedom of speech, not as in beer), but the hosted service is not (we have to pay the bill, and feed the human who produce the code).

As the code is free and open source, you are free to host it on your own infrastructure: gitlab.com/bloom42/

Hope I could have answered you questions

Why would you not host a package in F-Droid from day one? Seems like a lot of these "Open Alternatives" are hitting F-Droid as an afterthought. Which kind of taints the essence of what you are trying to accomplish. Rather than coming off authentic and community driven, it makes it feel like another service jumping on the bandwagon to capitalize on the flavor of the day..."internet privacy".
@andyc @nydel

@GLove @nydel @andyc


You can read Bloom's master plan (kerkour.fr/blog/bloom-a-free-a) to learn more why we aren't trying to surf the privacy wave, but sincerely believe that free and open source software/science/data... is the ONLY way to build a sustainable future. Privacy is just side-effect of thinking users first (instead of profit first).

Regarding F-droid, it was too much work! But you're contribution is welcome if you can help us to set it up on F-droid in the next days 😀

@z0mbie42 @nydel @andyc ah well played! I will review the process but assistance is conditional I have a problem with the start of the TOS which was a complete and utter turn off.

"By signing up with P****R, you irrevocably agree to be bound by this ToS"

Really? I mean do you want blood, the eyes of a child and sprem sample too? That needs to go or be worded in a more palatable fashion where you want to limit liability but not come off like a total douche. You're lawyer didn't help you here.

@GLove @nydel @andyc

Hi, I totally understand your concern.

These TOS only apply to the hosted version on bloom.sh.

You are free to self-host a Bloom instance where those TOS does not apply.


the issue to me is that you have a button labeled "Try It Free" which is a link to a registration page. do you not see this as a hilarious?

@GLove @andyc

it just reeks of what we call "lawful evil" in the dungeons.

@nydel @GLove @andyc
Hi Nydel, thank you for the feedback.

We also have a link pointing to our open source page in the footer.

You can try the hosted version of Bloom (bloom.sh) for free, but if you want that we take care of your data and secure it, you will then have to pay afterward the free tier.

If you have the technical knowledge you can take the code, and self-host, at your own expenses :)

@z0mbie42 @GLove @nydel What does a self-hosted Bloom offer over a self-hosted Nextcloud ? Maybe a demo Bloom cloud account may help users evaluate the services on offer.

@andyc @GLove @nydel

Hi Andy, you can try the available services at bloom.sh :)

We do not compare to next cloud because currently available services are far from our mission (empowering the world with open technologies) and are almost irrelevant.

You can totally imagine having an open source Bloom tractor in a few years :)

@z0mbie42 Very exciting but at first look... so ambitious that it would be comforting to know what efforts its building on or federating/integrating with.

Also, F-Droid app? :-)


Hi Benjamin,Thank you for the kind words!

Regarding the F-droid app, an issue is open (gitlab.com/bloom42/app-Android), it wasn't implemented before the beta launch because it seemed too much effort.

About federation and external integration, as you can read in the master plan, it's planned for Q3/Q4 2020 kerkour.fr/blog/bloom-a-free-a


@z0mbie42 @alcinnz how is it different from the Framasoft services? The motivations sound similar.

@Tryphon @alcinnz

Hi Tryphon, I think we have a divergent point of view regarding user experience and product vision, but if you know them, I would love to be in touch: kerkour.fr/about/

@z0mbie42 @alcinnz I don’t know them personally, but they are easy to reach. I was wondering what were the divergences, because you both seem to want to de-googlify.

@Tryphon @alcinnz

I understand, I will try to contact them, thank you!

Being an 'open source Google' is just a side effect of our mission: Empowering the world with open technologies.

We sincerely believe that free and open source software is the only way to build a sustainable future, and today's internet giants missed the turn.

@z0mbie42 @Tryphon @alcinnz framasoft doesn't develop their own solution. But they host existing solution. You might end up on framasoft.

@z0mbie42 What are you meaning in "Free and open source Google"

@z0mbie42 that doesn't answer the question. How is it related to open data? Will you open the user data or something like that? Is it related to things like data.gouv.fr?

We won't open users data, but we will open aggregated / anonymized data that may be useful to be public, without compromising privacy.

Like ML models/datasets, and more importantly, provide the tools to help others to open their data, like farmers, doctors, scientists, police...

@z0mbie42 you are lucky. I tried a project similar to yours ten years ago, I could not pull it off.

Good luck.

@zig Thank you!

I would love to be in touch to learn more why it didn't work as expected => kerkour.fr/about/

@z0mbie42 Hey, for a platform that's so focused on open-ness, including in software, why would you pick Discord as your chat application, when floss alternatives exist? Like Matrix, or Mattermost/RocketChat/Zulip/Gitter

@f0x Because the UX of other platforms is not enough good /cost of maintaining them is too high.

Among those Matrix seems the best choice for the future, but today the UX is really not good enough (I'm in touch with Matrix team regarding the bad parts).

@z0mbie42 do you have any specifics? IMO Riot has become quite good

@f0x Currently it's painfully sloooooow (~15 secs to create a Room or a community), I have spent ~15 mins to understand how to add a room to a community and some other things that will make non tech savy people to leave after 2 mins of use :/

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