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i've had to learn so many things since i joined the fediverse:

- real humans use APL
- what awoo is
- basics of shitposting
- when pineapples are appropriate (almost always)
- how to not care about catching up on the timeline
- words are at their most awesome when they've lost all meaning, like 'oats'

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person 1: *makes a joke*

person 2: *makes a similar joke*

person 3: ah, this must be the hot new meme, I gotta jump on this train

person 4: ah, this must be the hot new meme, I gotta jump on this train

person 5: ah, this must be the hot new meme, I gotta jump on this train

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✨Happy birthday to @Gargron
🎉 🎈🎊🎈🎁🎂🎁🎈 🎊🎉

best wishes and many happy returns of the day, and many more even happier to come!

I'd also take a moment to encourage you to give Eugen and yourself a gift if you can by supporting mastodon on patreon: or liberapay: every $/£/€ helps support development of this instance and this whole platform.

iphone user: my phone calls me a bitch every time i turn it on, but apple apologized for that and now offers a service that makes it not call you a bitch for only half the price they used to offer it. haha lol android users don't even have a "don't call me a bitch" option

one of my lyft drivers today is also works at a bar and told me he's going to run for local office because he's tired of old white people ruining things. i hope he succeeds, but this is utah, there's probably a law that says only old white men can have power here.

go hyun jung really was the perfect mishil. her 'the fuck did you just say?' face makes that character.

shit, i ate captain crunch.

cute lyft driver: *very obviously fliriting with me*
me: *hasn't been flirted with in years, just freezes for the next ten minutes*

it pisses me off because it's a waste of resources, which could've been avoided by just first taking some time to understand the problem.

i'm annoyed because people are using interesting technology to do mostly-useless things. wake me up when you've automated me out of a job, i'll be really excited and go do other interesting things.

i'm not annoyed because people are trying to solve problems by teaching computers to solve them, and i'm also not annoyed because of a "the computers are taking are jobs" kind of thing. i'm annoyed because the people teaching computers to solve problems don't understand the problems to start with, and they're teaching the computers to solve already-solved boring problems and calling that an achievement.

if someone used deep learning to optimize bundle splitting and caching based on how often code appears, common user usage, and how often code is changed, i would throw money at them

today the head of data at my work posted a link in slack to a blog post about automating front end development with deep learning. it's an interesting post but so far the author managed to get the same results that drag-n-drop-widget twitter bootstrap editors achieve, except using a lot more computing resources. like, cool, you've solved an already solved problem which happens to be the least interesting thing in front end development.

i have really strong feelings about the "i automated X with deep learning without even understanding X" trend

sik-k's new album has a weirdly... rich chigga... kinda feel

update: it's still snowing. i don't have a ruler but it looks like about 4 inches so far, and no sign of stopping. i'm so happy, even if i might have to cancel plans today

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also: it's weird to see that we had mutual friends and didn't even know it.

i'm seeing donations come up on that page from people i know on the internet and even people i know IRL, and like, thank you. thank you so much.