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it's so cold in my office that i'm thinking about working from home the rest of the day. why do people do this? it's 90 outside, and like 60 in here.

new loona:
jinsoul, fish, blue

How am I still hungover from Saturday night? I didn't know that was possible.

Days, ranked by how reluctant I am to get out of bed, most to least:
The next day,
The day before yesterday,

Quickest way to get me to unfollow you: post an AMP link.

@bremner i'll have to watch that one too! i don't love OO and don't know C++, but i'm sure it'll be interesting

remember soundscript? yeah, neither do i.

i'm watching brendan eich's talk at curry on from two years ago, and wow, what a throwback. he just said the word "frameset." i haven't heard that in ages.

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"Verizon now owns Tumblr, so accounts using competing phone companies' email will be locked out"

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THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@bug maybe i just need to hang out with more rust and ocaml users.

@bug yeah! i don't know much about rust, but from what i know of ocaml that seems to be exactly what i'm saying. i think sometimes people take immutability a little too seriously, when maybe there might be benefits to not worrying about it so much, at least locally.

@bug if a boring old for loop with all of its conflation of state and intent is faster and less resource-intensive than a map or something, i feel like it's okay to do that. as long as consumers of that function don't have to worry about it.

@bug yeah. like, why should it matter if somewhere in some function, there's a bit of mutation going on? so long as, from the outside, it doesn't feel that way? this is probably more of a thing with functions that iterate and stuff than with others, but still. i don't see why it should be a big deal if there's a local mutable variable in that function, so long as it's not mutating args in some dangerous way or whatever.

users: are there any guides out there for building real-world things? compilation, build, etc.?

TIL typescript also has type queries (`let foo: typeof bar`), which is nice. I knew flow could do this, didn't know TS had it

just not how to put them together.
i'm sure there's a simple way to say this, i just don't know what that would look like. anyone here have an idea?

users, if someone can help i'd be v grateful. i can't figure out the syntax for... i guess parametric polymorphism with a union? that is, i have a thing that can take an array, object, map, or set, and will always return a thing of the type it was called with. i know how to say "foo returns the same T it took," and i know how to say "foo takes one of these, and returns one of these"

i'll go back to being productive now. i hope i've managed to annoy at least one linkedin brah and/or one growth hacker today.