rick beato: we're gonna mic the bottom heads of the toms
me: already closing the tab

tobacco use leads to cancer, heart attacks, lung disorders, and other deadly diseases. the characters shown in this film or program do not support the use of any type of tobacco products such as bidi, cigarettes, skeini, zarda, etc. or their promotions in any manner.

imagine if he'd said "you could distinguish ulrich from hammett" like it's just not impressive

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speaking of which, i just remembered that one john mayer lyric about being able to tell apart miles and coltrane and like... they don't even play the same instrument

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even though i know the whole thing is just a circle of fifths trick, it's exhausting

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one day i'll be able to improv over giant steps and then i can tell people i play jazz

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i cannot improv over giant steps. i can barely even play the chords in the right order, at half the speed

maybe he is a baritone, and just sits at the top of that range. according to the internet, baritone is f2-f4

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james taylor describing himself as a baritone makes question where i am. high bass? i can't hit some of the notes he hits, comfortably. maybe i'm just a baritone with a small range.

i'm content with it, it'll show up in some youtube videos at some point

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i think the godin a6 ultra might be the perfect compromise guitar. it's not fantastic at anything but it's good enough for general purpose use. it's like the python of guitars. if i had to pick one guitar to take to a wedding/winery/coffee shop gig, this would probably be it

when i get a guitar that has a truss rod cover, my instinct is to take it off and throw it away, but i don't, in case i decide to sell the guitar later. if i take it off and put it somewhere, i'll definitely lose it.

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fuck truss rod covers, all my homies hate truss rod covers

addictions, alcoohol, etc 

by august 1st i will no longer drink
by september 1st i will no longer use nicotine
by october 1st i will no longer eat fried meat (makes me feel like shit every time)
maybe sometime next year i'll quit red meat

documenting it so someone can feel free to yell at me if i fail. i switched from smoking to vaping, i went a few months without alcohol once, i was vegan for a summer for someone i was dating, so i feel like i can do this.

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just heard that multiple police departments got slammed with giant AWS bills after k pop stans flooded their snitch lines. stay winning k pop stans

if github would just have a tree style file browser, dark mode, and hide half its features, i wouldn't need these workarounds

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i don't dislike the new github repo view but i'm not enabling it because it's gonna break my userstyle and plugins that i have to make github usable

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HEY, rubber bullets aren’t made out of rubber.

they are metal bullets coated with a thin layer of rubber. the cops obviously know this. they aren’t non lethal. they are not meant for close range.

they were invented as a way to break up riots by firing the bullet at the ground with the intent to bounce into people’s legs without much injury and are expected to produce contusions, abrasions, and hematomas in those cases but they can kill.

police that are shooting them point blank at people's heads are shooting to kill.

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