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zac anger

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i've had to learn so many things since i joined the fediverse:

- real humans use APL
- what awoo is
- basics of shitposting
- when pineapples are appropriate (almost always)
- how to not care about catching up on the timeline
- words are at their most awesome when they've lost all meaning, like 'oats'

it hasn't been awful, but after 6 years on debian i'm just ready to try something new

(i'm trying out arch because i'm tired of fighting debian to let me install up-to-date software)

i installed arch and i3 on a very old laptop and not only does it work, but i instantly grew a big beard and started wearing socks with sandals

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A note for #NewUsers

Mastodon has some unique #features that you may not be used to.

When you post an image, there will be a box available when you hover over the image preview. Please use this to describe the image! This helps blind people understand the image when using a screen reader.

The little "CW" icon next to the globe is for Content Warnings. You can add a content warning to any post! It allows people to choose if they want to risk exposing themselves to that topic at that moment.

just spent $2,700 on a damned laptop, this thing had better come with hard drugs

i just called HFS+ a "dumpster fire designed by monkeys on LSD" in a public channel in work's slack, so that's how my day's going

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gosh i'm so hungry i could eat the rich

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domain driven design review so far:

it's been like 50 pages of "you should read this book, it's a good book, i know it's a good book, here's why it's a good book, you should read this book, definitely read this book" jesus fucking christ i'm already reading the goddamn book

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i'm really gonna try to keep an open mind, but UML grosses me out a little

so we're reading DDD at work (meaning, the .NET developers are reading it and i wanted a free book so i'm also reading it) and i'm already REALLY unsure about this. it might not be for people who don't believe in OOP.

just had the most boring big feature release ever

what does it mean if even REISUB doesn't work

i spent 2 minutes making this work on the web:

(now there's web, electron, and cli)