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zac anger

this would be better if i could stop biting my nails

i bought a new guitar! (twitter link is because of masto file size limits)

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boy i can't wait until my 40s, i assume my limbs will sometimes just fall off for no reason

in case any young people are wondering what life is like as an almost-30-year-old, i can't lift my left arm above shoulder height because i slept weird last night.

someone put in a pr with the phrase "oopsie woopsie" in the code. i think i need a new job.

for those of you who (like me) don't really like csv:

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ICE, corporations covering for the state Show more

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why do so many people at want to eat the rich?

since rich people are lazy, their meat would probably be very stringy and unsatisfying.
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but anyway, i'm gonna have SO MANY GUITARS

actually i do know why, it's kind of a long story involving an inheritance and my dad's adopted second cousin some-amount-of-numbers removed and a trade

also i'm going to sell one, because i don't know why i own a $3000
limited edition metallica-guy guitar, i don't play metal