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zac anger

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i've had to learn so many things since i joined the fediverse:

- real humans use APL
- what awoo is
- basics of shitposting
- when pineapples are appropriate (almost always)
- how to not care about catching up on the timeline
- words are at their most awesome when they've lost all meaning, like 'oats'

holy shit, KARD's second mini album

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dear internet explorer: why

woot woot, react-whirligig and koa-simple static now have CI and coveralls visible to the public!

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If you'd like to set up your own Mastodon to Twitter autoposter, remix my project on Glitch!

tbh i don't know why i'm even using nginx (& node for some reason) & paying $5/mo for a server that now only exists to serve html. i should probably just switch to gh-pages or something.

context: i already have and, but only want but it will all be new paths. and i really don't want to screw with nginx that much.

if i break urls on something as insignificant as my blog (with old urls still existing in git history) am i a bad person?

i lied. marked doesn't support tasks lists, so i'm _almost_ done.

anyway, i think my new blog thing is done.

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there's only two types of people:



CW EXTREMELY LEWD NSFW [show more] who here wanna hug


> new Date('2017-01-30').toString()
'Sun Jan 29 2017 17:00:00 GMT-0700 (MST)'
> new Date('01-30-2017').toString()
'Mon Jan 30 2017 00:00:00 GMT-0700 (MST)'

why bro

mm/dd/yyyy really is the dumbest format

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i could possibly automate this, but the posts from when i used that bash script are so inconsistent that it might be easier to do it manually.

weekend project update: it works. still need to move all posts from the last two things into this one, though, which will take ages.

dependency management: no one really knows what they're doing, probably