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Tonight's gender is a bunch of Lebanese protestors dancing around a car singing the Baby Shark song to help make a wee kid less anxious

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The bar for the quality of working conditions is set by the conditions of unemployment since having a job has to be preferable to not having one. Thus, working conditions in a society that does not provide a social safety are necessarily poor.

semi-satisfying my urge to buy a new guitar by putting unconventional (half-round) strings on the teton. that'll hold me over for a few days

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not everything has to be fast. not everything has to be efficient.

write in a language that sparks joy. don't want to figure out a clever algorithm? don't. your program is eating ram like a motherfucker but it gets the job done? that's okay

you don't understand recursion? don't use recursion. you don't understand how to manually allocate memory? don't use a language that makes you do that

there's time to learn all of that. or don't! people have worked hard to make it so you don't have to!

just make things

a wood bodied single cone resonator might be somewhere in my future though. i don't play slide but the tone is really interesting and great for the kind of laid-back fingerstyle stuff i play, it would stand out a bit from all the taylor and martin players out there.

after selling the dano, schecter, and art & lutherie, i did go check out one of these:

it sounded great and played great, but the whole idea was to have less guitars, i think if i buy more guitars i'd be failing at that. also i'm not sold on the brass body. great sustain but also frickin heavy.

i've never had a resonator guitar before 🤔

i now have three less guitars, much more cash in my pocket, and a strong urge to blow it all on another guitar (that i will resist)

everything is on fire right now, but some of it is on fire in a good way

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Blood money is fine with us, says GitLab: Vetting non-evil customers is ‘time consuming, potentially distracting’

update everybody, it's not the software that is bad, it's my assumptions about what settings do.

dem debate 

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