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Since new folks are coming in lately, I should do another intro, maybe.

I'm Zac Anger. Bi, 28, from Pennsylvania but now I live in Utah. I used to play music a lot, and run a studio and stuff, but now I write computer things, mostly in JS.

Politically I'm fairly far left.

My posts are usually just social, but sometimes I post about kpop (any Orbits here?), code things, food, alcohol, and how much I miss trees and rivers now that I live in the almost-desert.

in case anyone is wondering, yes, my AIM sn was epiphonekid, because i had an Epiphone guitar and i was a kid

thinking about adding <a href="aim:goim?screenname=epiphonekid">Message On AIM</a> to my site, do you think it's a good idea or no


When I say that I have a laptop running Puppy, I mean that I have Puppy on a thumb drive and a laptop that's too old and useless for anything except sometimes booting up from little distros on thumb drives. I should probably just trash it.

If I wanted to move over to as a daily driver, which BSD would I go for? Right now Arch is my daily driver, and I also have laptops running Ubuntu Studio, Debian Sid, and one that has some Puppy variant (idk which, probably Slackware based though).

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RT When you say "transgender debate," I hear "Jewish question."

TERFs and transphobes are just fascist songs in a different key.

Loving the trans people in our lives is anti-fascism. ❤️🖤✊


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Y'know what? Use they/them for everyone unless a preference otherwise is learned. There. No more gendered pronouns without a damn reason.

I recorded right into Audacity because I already knew it, but it's too limited for mixing. I also should probably hunt down some decent plugins, since none of my VST library will work on Linux, I guess?

Audio and music folks who use Linux, I just finished recording an album (the first time I've done any serious recording in about 6 years), and want to start mixing next weekend.

I used to always mix in FL Studio, just because I was comfortable with it, but don't have Windows anymore. I DO have one laptop dedicated to Ubuntu Studio with JACK and everything working.

What do you recommend for mixing? Ardour? LMMS? This is all single-take single-track acoustic guitar music.

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(tumblr link because you can't upload video to masto)

a few seconds of the guitar from a thing i recorded today. this is straight in from the mic, no preamp or compressor, just guitar -> amp -> mic.

i spent so much time when i was younger trying to get cheap gear to sound good. turns out all i really needed to do was not be poor anymore.

i also have four chairs. why do i have four chairs? i only have one ass.

i have four of those folding white tables of different sizes, and two little floor table/desk things. i am only one person, and have company maybe twice a year.

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My new "serverful" architecture uses next-generation noChain databases to run advanced containerless apps.

trying to reorganize my apartment and make it feel like it's bigger than it is and... i think i just need to throw everything away

i've got company coming in about six weeks... time to start cleaning

Does anyone have a Pinebook? Is it reliable? How long did you have to wait before you could actually order it?

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