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i run a free, anonymous audio host so if you need a place to host some audio, it's a good one! it doesn't track you, link back to your social media accounts, cost money, run ads, or anything. just hosts audio files. check it out, it's really not bad!

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I'm slowly fleshing this page out with goals and stuff! Not really sure how to beg for money to support doing open source software (which I probably spend almost as much time on as my day job) in a socially acceptable way but I'm learning!

(i already published a package to npm and started the project, then found klaus, which is more or less what i wanted, but, whoops, too late, i already decided to write my own)

might just fuck around and write a minimal gitweb/cgit alternative in node i watched all 4 episodes (split into 8 half hour blocks) of this today, because i of course want to support yves, but then i ended up laughing and crying a bit. this should be a whole series, it was so good.

and then when that same vendor purged their queues, the gigantic spike in requests back to us took down one of our services completely, which also impacted an internal app

a bug in a vendor caused our customers to get up to 150 duplicate marketing emails today

it's been a long week, and it's only monday.

i guess lots of people are not a big fan of Scrum Captains

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TBH if you're like 22 and having a breakdown every third day on here, you're still probably way more together than I was at your age.

nobody @ me and tell me what the arch community is using for the AUR this week, please. i switched back to ubuntu on all my thinkpads because i am boring and not cool.

Did you know, `ds` is now installable with yaourt/yay/[whatever Arch package manager is cool this week], and also with Brew? It's true, you can do that now!

@ceejbot you are so on top of these PRs, like a merging ninja

anyway, long story short, i'm probably going to work from home tomorrow so i can get work done while sorta vaguely listening in on the 4th retro in the past 7 days and also an all-hands meeting about budgeting.

i'm now fortunate to be on a team that loosely does kanban rather than scrum, so our main concerns are:

* is work flowing in?
* is work flowing out?
* is anyone blocked?
* is anyone overburdened?
* are we doing work that helps achieve our higher-level goals (as laid out on a flexible year-long roadmap)?

and that is just so lovely. but the rest of the department is still very much in the "jira charts and scrum masters are our lord and savior" mentality, & my team is part of the department. so.

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@zacanger Agile™ and Scrum™ are now tools for project managers to micromanage, and no longer about the initial concept of agile programming. The idea *was* to get tight feedback loops with the users of your work, not to make freakin' burndown charts.

the goal of agile was supposed to be about getting work done more efficiently and being more transparent about what you were doing, not spending half your week in Mass with the Scrum Pope

also while i'm at it:

points systems separated from estimated time spent are a lie, everyone ties them back to time in some way or another no matter how much you try to abstract that.

fibonacci point systems don't make sense to anyone and you'll spend more time bickering about what a "5" means than actually planning your spring.

just use "small" "medium" and "large," agree on roughly how much time one person on your team needs for each of those, and be done with it.

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