do i know anyone who uses an ergodox, or thing, or similar? do you like it? do you hate it? is it good for some things but not, say, vim and web browsing?

i'm not sure i need a new keyboard (i really love my WASD CODE keyboard, but i also don't know a lot about keyboards), but it's something i'm thinking about because parts of my hands and wrists feel not-great sometimes.

to clarify: i don't need a new hobby, i'm not interested in programming my keyboard (i have a crapload of tickets in JIRA, that's enough for me right now); i just want to maybe use a keyboard that's designed for real human hands to use, i think.

@zacanger Personally, just switching to good clicky keys (Das Keyboard; Cherry MX Blue) made a *huge* difference because I didn't have to slam the keys down to the bottom anymore.

@tek That made a huge difference for me, too! I moved up from laptop keyboards to cherry mx blue, and my current keyboard (the WASD CODE one) has clears, which i think are a little less annoying to people around me.

@zacanger I got their permission first, then went for broke.

@zacanger I got a Happy Hacking keyboard and never looked back. Actually two — work and home

@schlink What do you do about the escape key with one of those? It looks like ctrl is where caps-lock is on a regular keyboard?

@zacanger I use a Kinesis for any serious typing-- especially coding -- and even travel with it if I'm going to need to type a lot. Which is a hassle. But I had wrist trouble bad enough to prevent tying shoelaces, or using a pencil, or sleeping through the night, and had to quit all keyboarding for a year to get over it and that wasn't guaranteed.

don't let it get that bad! find a comfy keyboard and probably exercise!

@clew i used to work with someone who swore by the kinesis keyboard, and totally forgot about it. i'll have to check that out!

my wrist issues aren't that bad yet, but i definitely want to stave them off before that happens. my life is made up mostly of typing and playing guitar, so i _really_ need my fingers and wrists to keep working.

@zacanger The Kinesis in particular might not fit you, I just use it as an example of how much clunky I'm willing to put up with to not get a RSI recurrence. Lots of clunky.

Am serious about the exercise, too -- if I slump or hunch everything gets worse fast.

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