do i know anyone who uses an ergodox, or thing, or similar? do you like it? do you hate it? is it good for some things but not, say, vim and web browsing?

i'm not sure i need a new keyboard (i really love my WASD CODE keyboard, but i also don't know a lot about keyboards), but it's something i'm thinking about because parts of my hands and wrists feel not-great sometimes.


to clarify: i don't need a new hobby, i'm not interested in programming my keyboard (i have a crapload of tickets in JIRA, that's enough for me right now); i just want to maybe use a keyboard that's designed for real human hands to use, i think.

@zacanger I got a Happy Hacking keyboard and never looked back. Actually two — work and home

@schlink What do you do about the escape key with one of those? It looks like ctrl is where caps-lock is on a regular keyboard?

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