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zac anger @zacanger

the two hardest problems in computer science are naming things and being happy with your bash prompt

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(i'm ditching liquidprompt because it makes things really slow in large git repos and on old computers, so i have to remember what "tput" is and shit.)

@zacanger I quite settled with a powerline-style one, allows me to have one coloring of the host per machine (some are needing two/three in the name) and a different background between server and client.

@lanodan i've seen the powerline prompts and they seem to be really powerful, but also more complex than i need. i'm mostly concerned with git status nowadays, since i rarely use any other version control and almost never ssh into anything anymore

@zacanger I have the name of the branch in my powerline, but I think you can use ``git status -s`` to get something like the count of modified files.
It’s probably a bit outdated but here is my shells rc (it’s sourced in .mkshrc and .bashrc).

@lanodan Thanks, that function looks helpful!