just fired up my clunky asus rog laptop for the first time since buying the 13" galago pro, because i couldn't get a usb audio interface to be recognized on either arch or the work macbook. i don't really miss debian, but plugging in a device and having it Just Work™ was pretty cool.


(before plugging in that 15 pound monster laptop, i tried BOTH of my USB soundcards on arch, the macbook, and windows 7 on an old netbook. nothing.)

@lanodan i was exaggerating... but only slightly, it turns out. i just sat it on a scale, and it's 11 lbs, so 5 kg. it's a _really big_ laptop

@zacanger that’s heavier than my 24 ports switch… which is a bit more than 4 Kg.
And I don’t have heavier portable stuff.
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