Since new folks are coming in lately, I should do another intro, maybe.

I'm Zac Anger. Bi, 28, from Pennsylvania but now I live in Utah. I used to play music a lot, and run a studio and stuff, but now I write computer things, mostly in JS.

Politically I'm fairly far left.

My posts are usually just social, but sometimes I post about kpop (any Orbits here?), code things, food, alcohol, and how much I miss trees and rivers now that I live in the almost-desert.

@Ricardus Probably not, I don't talk about it much. That was a long time ago

@Ricardus Oh, you're a recording engineer! I should've noticed that

@Ricardus There's not much to say about it. There was a guitar shop where I used to live that had a venue on the third floor and studio in the basement, and they didn't have anyone who knew about recording so I just kinda wound up with the job.

It was small, and I was the only person there, but business stayed kinda steady for a while. I doubt it's still there, that was around 9 years ago.

@zacanger What recording format? A console? Mics? Outboard?


Oh boy, let's see if I can remember. Most of the stuff we had wasn't too great.

Mics: 57s, I think a D112 for kick drums, plus a whole Shure clip-on set that I don't think I ever used; a few cheap MXL LDC and SDCs, I think a couple of CAD LDCs, and I had a pair of some off-brand ribbon mics. Probably some others I'm forgetting.

Not much rack gear, I think I had two lower range tube preamps, an old reverb unit of some kind, and I think a compressor, but I don't remember details.

There was a Behringer board with way too many channels for most of what I did, going into a Delta 10/10, recording to disk. I think I was mostly using FL Studio there, even though most of the bands that came in were in the emo/screamo kind of scene. I did all the mixing in the DAW, only used most of the gear while recording.



The cooler thing about that space was that it was owned by the guy who ran the guitar shop, so we could bring in any gear we wanted at any point, just take it from upstairs and bring it back up when we were done.

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@zacanger Oh, that's cool. Thanks for replying. I'm always curious about recording shit!

@Ricardus For sure! I miss recording sometimes, and wouldn't mind having a home studio at some point (when I have a home). It's a lot of fun

@zacanger Yeah. I love the hell out of audio production. I also do live sound locally.

@Ricardus Oh and lots of lava lamps. At one point the lights burned out in the control room, but it didn't matter because we had like 9 lava lamps in there.

@zacanger Yeah. Every studio has at least one! I had one but some dude shook it up and the waxy shit won't coalesce anymore.

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