since the stuff is happening, and it's friday, here's some folks you should follow:

@acw if they ever post again
who might be dead
@jk if you don't follow you're not real

keep in mind i only follow very good and hot people, no losers, so you should just follow everyone i follow

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@zacanger there are other people i want to add here but i'm not sure if they want to be added here

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@zacanger You follow me, so clearly your standards aren't _that_ high

@ravenousbadger I already said, everyone I follow is good and smart and also hot

@Elizafox i'm so embarrassed but also dying laughing, i honest to god thought it was friday today, it's been a long day

@zacanger @waifu moved over to @waifu

she never used the account much in the first place
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