so recently github announced their own package registry, and today they announced their own opencollective type of thing. i think at this point it's safe to say microsoft is using github to try to take over the open source software world. (it was safe to say this when they acquired github, it's just very obvious now.)

i think all of these new features are very cool and neat and useful, just so we're clear. if i didn't already use opencollective and other package registries, i would probably use them. i just think it's a little scary that github is adding all this stuff, and so many people think it's a good idea for all of this to exist on one proprietary platform.

all that being said, i still added a FUNDING.yml to many of my repos. i'm not in the github sponsors beta, but it lets you direct people to your opencollective or patreon, so i'm not 100% against the new feature.

Agreed on all points. This just makes me join in his call for #ForgeFed (that is, a fediverse alternative to Github, Google Code, SourceForge, etc..).

I don't trust microsoft, but I think what they are doing is getting some rep back, which they totally lost with their previous campaigns against open software, and the death of their Windows-only strategy. So they got new management and the new mgmt is trying to re-establish a new rep.
If they try to take over, it will fail, as will their attempt at a new rep. So it will be interesting.

@bhaugen @joeyh Maybe you're right! It would be nice if you're right.

I make no claims to be right, nor that it would be nice if I am right. But it was a different angle on the news that came to mind...a different possibility...

...we'll see...

@joeyh @zacanger

I think they're simply trying to enclose the software commons.


I don't think they can do that (enclose the software commons), and if they try, it will backfire on them. But I am guessing, I have no inside knowledge.

@joeyh @zacanger

@zacanger Something else I noticed is that the removed the Linux project's excuse not to use GitHub.

Somehow I doubt Microsoft is winning them over though.

@zacanger @ebel It’s definitely concerning no matter the motive. “Intermediaries gonna intermediate.”

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