tomorrow is monday, work day, and it's all meetings, so i think i'll just stay home and watch the meetings on zoom so i can do valuable things

i don't hate meetings but i do hate having four retrospective-type meetings a week because management is better at optimizing for amount of meetings held than for amount of work done

if someone says i can't work from home tomorrow, i will say "ok" and go to work, but i'd be sad about it. nothing makes me more tired than all-hands meetings, especially when they're about money.

i don't dislike agile and scrum and all these things, but once you get close to spending more time talking about work than executing, people get tired. planning and retros are valuable (grooming as a separate step from planning may or may not be valuable?) but people don't go into software because they care about some pointing system no one understands, they do software because they want to build things.

i am a little burnt out on scrum. i think it's a fun toy for people who really like charts they can use to justify yelling at other people (velocity is only useful as a tool to protect the work you were supposed to be doing and no manager should ever even know what it means).

also while i'm at it:

points systems separated from estimated time spent are a lie, everyone ties them back to time in some way or another no matter how much you try to abstract that.

fibonacci point systems don't make sense to anyone and you'll spend more time bickering about what a "5" means than actually planning your spring.

just use "small" "medium" and "large," agree on roughly how much time one person on your team needs for each of those, and be done with it.


the goal of agile was supposed to be about getting work done more efficiently and being more transparent about what you were doing, not spending half your week in Mass with the Scrum Pope

i'm now fortunate to be on a team that loosely does kanban rather than scrum, so our main concerns are:

* is work flowing in?
* is work flowing out?
* is anyone blocked?
* is anyone overburdened?
* are we doing work that helps achieve our higher-level goals (as laid out on a flexible year-long roadmap)?

and that is just so lovely. but the rest of the department is still very much in the "jira charts and scrum masters are our lord and savior" mentality, & my team is part of the department. so.

anyway, long story short, i'm probably going to work from home tomorrow so i can get work done while sorta vaguely listening in on the 4th retro in the past 7 days and also an all-hands meeting about budgeting.

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