i'm weaning myself off amazon (closed my personal AWS today, trying to move off amazon.com, so next will be google. internet friends, what should i do about mobile? switching to apple products is not a good solution. last time i did alt-android was cyanogenmod.

cm 7, to be exact. so i'm many years out of date, i have no idea how the cool kids de-google these days without just jumping over to another slightly less evil megacorp.

is ubuntu phone still around? what about jolla/sailfish? i've also heard about replicant, lineage, something based on alpine (which sounds really awesome), and i guess purism has a thing (but i don't love purism, they refuse to ban nazis from their social platforms). what does a person wanting to reduce dependence on major (and majorly evil) corporations do about mobile in 2019?

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one thing i've considered is just switching back to a non-smart phone. i use five apps on my phone regularly: SMS, the alarm clock, firefox mobile, the music player, and authy for 2fa. everything else on my phone is extraneous.

i don't know if that's a thing you can actually do anymore. some of the hipster "it's like a smartphone but with less" things look pretty cool, but do they work? are they secure? are they supported? who knows, most of them never left kickstarter phase.

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anyway if anyone has ideas on how i can de-google my mobile computing life ("give money to apple instead" is not a valid idea), let me know!

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@zacanger could wait a few months on the pinephone, it should support postmarket & plasma mobile

@thurloat i didn't know they were making a phone now, that might be a seriously nice option!

@zacanger if all goes well, i plan on getting the phone an pinebook pro.

hoping for a decent launch

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