remember when google was new? i remember the first time i heard about it. justin levi, this guy i was in school with, showed it to me on his family computer. it was like lycos but new and i thought it was kind of a waste of time, since lycos already existed.

similarly, when facebook was new i had to get an invite from the girl i was dating at the time, who got an invite from some college guy she knew. i thought we were all so elite and cool

also excite, that was a thing. man, the web from 20 years ago was very different.


i am still young but sometimes i feel very old, thinking about how drastically everything has changed. my first online experiences were over a 14.4kbps modem, on a government-provided connection, on a company computer that took up an entire desk in a dedicated Computer Room. things are so very different now.

another 80s/90s kid thing: at one point my family switched from netscape to internet explorer. i don't remember why, it was just what we all did. that was probably around IE 3, so Mac OS 7-ish. i distinctly remember having to re-learn how to clear the history, because i was just discovering very transformative ideas like "girls and boys are not the same."

fun related fact, the first time i found out about lewd material at ALL was from fanfiction. i had no idea that kind of content even existed on the internet until a "take your kid to work day" when i was using a high-speed connection and found out about fanfiction and printed off a bunch of stuff, which i later found out was very adult (and gay) in nature.

in case you're missing the point, i printed out homoerotic fanfiction on printers owned by NASA when i was 10

anyway, i'll stop reminiscing and go back to watching a video streamed in lots of pixels to my screen over a connection no one knew was doable 25 years ago, with subtitles and everything, on a color screen.

@zacanger I used to download huge (50 MB) files over a 300 baud modem in what seemed like eons. A 2400 baud modem was an incredible speed increase. 14,400 was not even a dream then.

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