(twitter link) , apparently, has a contract with . twitter.com/evan_greer/status/

this looks like it might've predated the microsoft acquisition?

anyway i went on a little rant: twitter.com/zacanger/status/11

TLDR is github should drop this contract, and if they don't have a good solution within a week i'm moving myself and my side business off, and pushing $day_job to try gitlab self hosted.

reddit tech bros: "vote with your wallet, if you don't like some software just don't use it anymore"

me: "github works with ICE, i don't think i want to give them money"

reddit tech bros: "WAIT NO NOT LIKE THAT"

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Read that disclosed email. Microsoft and Github are good guys in this.

@seachanged I did read the email.

"I disagree with the current policies," "Our parent company opposes the same policies," "Less than $200k, not financially material for our company," "We're going to donate $500k."

I don't see how this means MS and Github are the good guys. Donating is great, but enabling and profiting from ICE while having strong feelings about it doesn't make them the good guys.


@seachanged If I get paid to do a bad thing, but I have feelings about it, and I donate some money to a charity that will help to offset the bad thing I did, that doesn't make me a good guy, it makes me a bad guy who felt bad about being a bad guy.

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We disagree, but not disagreeably. I support your personal decision to discontinue use of github/Microsoft if they don't drop their contracts with ICE.

Your company can't use feelings and morals to justify their choice to shun github, but if enough people threaten to quit because of it, it becomes a defensible business decision.

For me, I'm sure someone else will be happy to take ICEs money with no offsetting donations. Harm is being reduced by Microsoft. It's a net good, for now.

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