(twitter link) , apparently, has a contract with . twitter.com/evan_greer/status/

this looks like it might've predated the microsoft acquisition?

anyway i went on a little rant: twitter.com/zacanger/status/11

TLDR is github should drop this contract, and if they don't have a good solution within a week i'm moving myself and my side business off, and pushing $day_job to try gitlab self hosted.

reddit tech bros: "vote with your wallet, if you don't like some software just don't use it anymore"

me: "github works with ICE, i don't think i want to give them money"

reddit tech bros: "WAIT NO NOT LIKE THAT"

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fwiw this is not an excuse to @ github employees. your average SWE or designer or whatever at GH didn't make this decision. workers are not the problem.

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