update everybody, it's not the software that is bad, it's my assumptions about what settings do.

@zacanger IIRC if you set the privacy.resistFingerprinting option it messes with the user agent

@elomatreb godammit, i just turned it off and that's exactly what it was

@zacanger That might also explain the timezone now that I think about, but I don't know for sure

@elomatreb yep. i never would've thought, but that changed my TZ to GMT

@zacanger It's modeled after what the Tor browser does, sets user-defined variables to their most common/least specific values

It'll also mess with language selection, which can be a little annoying for users who prefer anything other than English

@elomatreb that makes sense now that you mention it, i just didn't think about it. i think i might just leave it on and deal with the annoyance

@zacanger wait what's bad

they're not exactly the same time but that's to be expected, right? they weren't run at exactly the same time

@00dani they were run a few seconds from each other, but Firefox thinks i'm in a different timezone than I'm actually in

@zacanger oh gotcha

hmm, Date definitely just gives the time in utc rather than local time in some cases despite knowing what local time is

but Date::toString is indeed not one of those cases, so i'm not sure what the heck happened

@00dani it's an bout:config change, @elomatreb pointed it out to me. `privacy.resistFingerprinting` changed my TZ to UTC and also mangled my UA a bit. whodathunkit, if i change my settings then my settings are changed

@zacanger @elomatreb ohhhhhh lol yeah, changing your settings will change your settings

astonishing, i know :blobcat_mlem:

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