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zac anger @zacanger

so i've never watched doctor who, but from what i gather it's a show about a time traveling alien who has been played by 12 different people over the past 40 years and people are upset that the 13th person to play this alien on screen is a woman?

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@zacanger they could've cast the doctor as a talking dog and there would've been less hubub

@zacanger Yeah, basically, and there's another alien in it called The Master that basically has regenerated into a woman already, and no one gave a shit.
That's how much some people are absurd sometimes 😛

if i were a time traveling space alien i would get bored of always been a white dude and you would too lbh

@zacanger and the doctor has a hard time with alien robots whose main weapon is a plunger

@zacanger ohman, now moffats gone they're finally doing this? It is well overdue. =_=

Butyes, fanboys will as ever disappoint. :|