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web designers are the only sort of designers who think "should i know how the thing i design for works" is a valid question. and that pisses me off. people who design for print _need to know paper_. like. they need to know shit about paper that seems absurd. artists need to know how their tools work. people who use tools, in general, need to know how they work.

and web designers are all "do i really need to know what DOM stands for" like fuck you, be an adult and do your job. you're designing for a medium. know how it works. in the past i worked a lot of jobs. i was a janitor, for one. you know what made me a great fucking janitor? knowing chemicals and surfaces. turns out that if you know how your tools work, and if you know how the things you apply your tools _to_ work, you're better at your job.

people who design for web who think learning the basics of how the web works would be "too technical" or "someone else's job" piss me off. that _is_ your job. grow the fuck up.

i would love it if my job was literally just "write pretty code." that's not my job. i have to deal with shit, and in the process i have to get out of my comfort zone and learn things i never thought i would know. and _being a fucking paid professional_, i do that.

zac anger @zacanger

so don't ever, as a designer, say that your job is just to figure out how shit should look. fuck that. that's 10% of your job.

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if you can't be bothered to do all the other 90%, go find another career.

this rant, btw, was not triggered by anyone i work with. they're good people. i just hate that in general, web designers think that's a valid question to ask.