i've had to learn so many things since i joined the fediverse:

- real humans use APL
- what awoo is
- basics of shitposting
- when pineapples are appropriate (almost always)
- how to not care about catching up on the timeline
- words are at their most awesome when they've lost all meaning, like 'oats'

oh also

- if you put the letter 'j' in front of any word (or substitute it for the first consonant), it automatically makes the word better (or maybe worse?)

@Snow it's a furry thing, but also a cute thing (i think an anime thing?) and also a song by lim kim. also, don't question awoo, just go with it.

@zacanger oh i can totally go with it!... @SquallyGirl and I were just curious why a person would pay $350 for "don't awoo" mode in Amaroq? or they initiate that mode then pay if they do? idk

@Snow @SquallyGirl i don't use amaroq, but i suspect it's not for serious. i skimmed over the source of that app and it looks like Awoo Mode just adds more 'awoo's in the ui

@SquallyGirl @Snow also according to the internets, the $350 penalty thing is a meme

@SquallyGirl @zacanger oh I didn't think it was a real charge! lol I googled it and it's maybe an inside joke from Final Fantasy 14 😆

@zacanger Please point me to the direction of the APL population. 😍

@acw Hi nice to meet you. I haven't done any APL really, just done "array programming" with R and Julia :) Been planning to get into J though.

@hjkl r is pretty much the same thing. Apl doesn't have a dataframe

@zacanger Wow, it's been 46 years since I last used APL. I didn't think it still existed. Are you referring to APL as in 'A Programming Language' by Iverson or does the acronym mean something else now? I had fun with it back in university.

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