i'm thinking about switching to a lighter WM. i've been using xfce with xfwm for about five years now, and it's fine, but i mostly like it because i can get rid of everything, bind keys to wmctrl scripts, and because of the verve plugin (think xdg-open + dmenu).

any recommendations for something less featureful? i'd prefer sort of hybrid stacking/tiling, or stacking but with an easy way to snap windows to parts of the screen and move them across screens. is xmonad the best bet?


it probably doesn't matter, but i run debian (sid).

i used to distro hop, and i think i've probably tried every DE and WM available as a deb so i'm vaguely familiar with most of them. and i used to use cwm exclusively, and then dwm, but ended up on xfce somehow.

@zacanger I'm pretty happy with i3wm. I switched from xmonad because needed running ghc for my wm config annoyed me, and because I found the tab support in xmonad flaky. The latter might be fixed.

i3wm is much more focused on manipulating a current window layout than snapping between predefined ones. Depends what you like, I guess, both have their merits.

@bremner thanks! it's been a long long time since i tried i3 so i'll definitely give it a shot!

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