Has anyone here transitioned from dev to ops? If so, are you glad you did? Do you regret it?

@zacanger oh, i did that. i don't think i regret it yet but there's a lot of variety in ops??? so ymmv?

yes although I took a sort of nonstandard path. I enjoy the work, the diversity of tasks, and the fact that i get to touch a LOT of the stack as a DevOps/SRE/whatever they pay me to be called while I code for ops tasks.

i could make my own job easier with better alerting strategies, etc. if resistance to change/politics didn't get in the way, but they do and so I will likely get sick of on-call one day in the near future.

@zacanger Yes. Yes. Yes :)

(I like certain values and approaches of ops/SRE more than dev values/approaches. I find ops a way harder field to grok as I become more senior but in some ways I find what I've grown into more important than how I see dev growth.)

(I have regretted how much ops is less about heads down coding and more about always observing and responding to the system ... way more tiring. Info and time management are key to prevent burnout, dev work insulates in that sense)

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