ok so i know javascript is generally hated among people who write in Real Languages, but

i have a confession

i actually kinda like JS. if you leave out inheritance, program in a pseudo-functional style, and don't get distracted by the 500 new frontend frameworks and build tools that come out every week, you can be super productive in JS.

i think JS gets a lot of hate because it kinda sucked for a long time, but it sucks a lot less now.


i know a bit of haskell, a tiny bit each of clojure and racket, shell, some python, a bit of ruby, enough C to cause problems, and i've also done some php and c#, and of all of those languages, i like haskell, clojure, javascript, and python the most, in that order.

but i have no real-world use case for haskell, clojure's dependency on the jvm is a PITA, and python is really well-designed but the ecosystem is confusing (python 3 came out TEN YEARS AGO and i still never know which version of python to use in any given project!).

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