another quick demo of the new eastman.

this thing sounds really good, but that could also be because of the swart srt.

(the loop is a yamaha reface rhodes sound through a cheap little tube amp)

i'm serious, look at this thing, i don't think i'll want to look at another guitar for ages

i don't usually post much kpop stuff here but by god i love . this whole tv episode was just gorgeous

i guess changing strings is all i'm doing today

i also put new strings on this one, even though i haven't been playing acoustic much lately

little demo of my new (to me) swart SRT combo, going through a (also new) keeley compressor pro.

this is phone audio so you can't really tell, but this rig sounds fucking sexy.

maybe this is why i'm always sick (actual photo of actual tap water where i live)

in case any orbits were wondering, yeah i'm still buying hardcopy albums

oh my god, there's a big notice in red telling me that what i'm trying to do is broken, and i keep trying it.

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