this is how not to engage in the discourse (blocked the user and muted the whole domain since it seems to be a single-user/small group type of instance).

accusing a marxists of being alt-right because they think reading non-US-biased sources is a good idea is... galaxy brain level

i don't think I've posted a video of this before, so here's my 1964 or 65 silvertone. i had one of these when i was a kid, ended up buying another one recently.

selfie, dental things 

this little quiz is kinda neat. like a political compass thing but more in depth for leftists.

maybe it's time to look into a music library manager, instead of manually organizing everything by artist and release date in directories...


new (old) guitar!

it doesn't exactly sound "good," especially going through a battery-powered pocket amp, but it doesn't sound bad either!

this one is exactly the same as the first guitar i ever bought, so it's exciting to have one again.

outfit selfie 

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