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zac anger

i haven't really done much musically in the past 4 years. starting up again has been tough, but i think having a space dedicated to music might help.

i just changed up my colorscheme for the first time in over a year and _damn_ this is pretty.

this thing looks new. love those trends, 0 people talking about anything.

when did this start happening, and why

it's been years and this still terrifies me

everything i did this week is in this screenshot

i think i could start using this as my primary wm soon? the code is horrible and i'm using all the wrong tools for the job, but it works!

here's a useful thing:

alias makelist="make -rpn | sed -n -e '/^$/ { n ; /^[^ .#][^ ]*:/p ; }' | egrep --color '^[^ ]*:'"

i've been working on the thing again today

so i've had the system76 galago pro for almost a week now, and i think i have everything set up well. this isn't /r/unixporn quality, but it's simple and functional. i REALLY like this little laptop.

so i got this thing a couple days ago. i don't know what i'm supposed to do with a laptop this nice.