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holiday baking output Show more

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if you use the comma operator in a return i will automatically hate all of your code forever

but, super+space now does dmenu_run, and super+return now does x-terminal-emulator.

i still have no idea what i'm doing tbh

star wars spoilers (disclaimer: i haven't seen any star wars film since episode 1 came out):

i think i'll have a 0.0.8 i can publish by the end of the day

window manager in node update: i can spawn a process on a keybind, and move a window around with the mouse (mostly, sometimes things crash). that's progress!

i made soup and it's really hot

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Wish I lived somewhere where I could play my bass plugged into the amp, but alas, thin walls, late times

any users here actually using native packages? it looks like a lot of hassle to me, but maybe thin wrappers around packages are the future of plugin managers?

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Context: Firefox auto-installed an add-on called "Looking Glass" without people's consent as a promotional campaign for Muse-Songs-As-A-TV-show called Mr. Robot

omg, it's snowing, finally. maybe we'll be able to breathe next week.

public transit rant (half-joking) Show more

only 90s kids will remember having fucks to give

the amount of fucks i have to give... it's so small... i can't even see it anymore, my eyes are bad... shit, i lost all my fucks