@mishari that was around a week ago, and it was 155ish where I am. fortunately we just had a snow storm so it's back down in the 30s right now, but that won't last long

@mishari SLC and the valley: blame it all on geography and go about your day

I gave up after an hour into the commute, when I'd only gone about 10 miles

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happy sunday. i played with a guitar tuning meant for recreating bagpipe tunes and ended up with a thing:


happy sunday. i played with a guitar tuning meant for recreating bagpipe tunes and ended up with a thing:


i'm also still fond of this one. it went through several iterations and i don't really know how it ended up here, but it was a lot of fun.


another thing i'm proud of. the quality isn't great, but i'm glad i finally recorded it, because i procrastinated for probably 5 years.


i also still like this song, even though it's more than a year old, and even though i wrote it, and even though the strings sound kinda cheesy now.



i am still incredibly proud of this tune, the mixing on this tune, and the fact that i even recorded this considering i forgot how to record music for 4+ years.

@seldo It was a thing in late 00s shitty webcomic culture. I would know I had bad taste in webcomics in the late 00s.

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Largest dump in history: 2.7 billion records; 773 million of them unique; 140 million never seen before

i bet it's totally possible to abuse GH Actions to work as a severless platform + cron job. have an action that sleeps for some period of time, then does something, then does another thing that ends up re-triggering the same action 🤔

@ceejbot I just went through this with a bank and debit card switch, and it's so tedious. I feel for you.

do you ever have one of those days where legacy code and systems just completely kicked your ass and you don't even know why you went into software instead of raising goats or running a used book store? i definitely had one of those days today.

i've never found a computer chair that is actually comfortable, but that might be because i sit like someone who doesn't know how chairs work. i think sitting lower to the floor like this might help.

in the interest of my back, my small apartment, and just wanting to own less stuff, i got rid of the table i was using as a desk and the computer chair i picked up on sale.

now my desk area is four folding lap tables and a buckwheat-filled pouf thing. we'll see if i regret this in a few days.

@kepstin @elomatreb no wait this is good. x -> vs code -> terminal -> now if you can get x to run in the vs code terminal, you could run another vs code in there

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