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zac anger

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gosh i'm so hungry i could eat the rich

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domain driven design review so far:

it's been like 50 pages of "you should read this book, it's a good book, i know it's a good book, here's why it's a good book, you should read this book, definitely read this book" jesus fucking christ i'm already reading the goddamn book

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i'm really gonna try to keep an open mind, but UML grosses me out a little

so we're reading DDD at work (meaning, the .NET developers are reading it and i wanted a free book so i'm also reading it) and i'm already REALLY unsure about this. it might not be for people who don't believe in OOP.

just had the most boring big feature release ever

what does it mean if even REISUB doesn't work

i spent 2 minutes making this work on the web:

(now there's web, electron, and cli)

also they put me next to the new guy this time so now I have to pretend to know things

the worst part of switching teams is moving all my stuff and realising my desk hasn't been dusted since the last time i moved

moved teams again today. maybe I'll stay with this one for a few months.

published a new module: It's not the same as normalize-path -- normalize-path only handles slashes, my module is pretty much an exact copy of Node's posix path.normalize that happens to work in the browser.