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test🎃in🎃prod @zacanger@mastodon.social

today has been a good day for reading things on the internet

ok but seriously, this playlist is full of all my favourite things

Philip K. Dick’s most terrifying story:

“I Have No Headphones and I Must Commute”

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I remember how I used to have opinions on things like GTK vs QT. How ridiculous. Who cares, really? Now I have opinions about much better things, like function declarations vs function expressions.

@Sargoth due to the way catnipv4 works, only 2^128 cats can exist simultaneously within the network. engineers are formalizing a new standard called catnipv6 that will expand that number to a value greater than all the atoms in the known universe.

@0x3F @thefishcrow 2029: ::computers have taken over:: i'm sorry i said i hate you, computers

friends: i feel really dumb for asking this but i've been trying to think of it for days with no luck. the bass line to Mic Drop (bts), _what's that other song that has that same bass line_?

question: how can i get environment info that's usually only available in an interactive shell, from a script? i know that's a really tricky one and the answer is usually "why would you want to do that," but the whole point of this script is that it can possibly do that. i essentially need `type thing` to work with functions and aliases, but in a or script. anyone have any ideas?

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