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zac anger

i'm also going to be UPSing all my guitars that are still in PA back to myself, which is REALLY fucking exciting because i haven't seen those things in years. i hope they didn't get fucked up from sitting in my parents' attic for the past three years.

i bought another guitar (a gibson blueshawk, which i've wanted since i was 9; and an orange combo (the rocker 15))... both on reverb. and i'm going away for a week, starting the 27th. i really hope this shit gets here before then so it doesn't get stolen from my doorstep.

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@silentsolidarity Helm looks useful! I used to do a lot of audio work on Windows, and I've had a hard time finding tools I actually like on Linux that have the same quality as some of the proprietary VSTis I used years ago. Thanks for pointing me to this!

I kinda thought BTS's Singularity would make a good smooth jazz/blues instrumental.

@lanodan Never heard of that before, but I'm definitely gonna try it!

@jankoekepan I might check it out! I don't adore systemd, but I'm also not as angry about it as I used to be

@djsundog they're so handy! i've been using them since i moved out to utah, and at this point i prefer them to regular desks and tables, since i can just stick 'em in a closet or something when i'm not using them.

does anyone know if studio is still maintained, and if it's a good way to go? i'm happy to piece together my own audio distro, but if there's something out there that already works just fine i'd rather just use it.

i haven't really done much musically in the past 4 years. starting up again has been tough, but i think having a space dedicated to music might help.

@lanodan i was exaggerating... but only slightly, it turns out. i just sat it on a scale, and it's 11 lbs, so 5 kg. it's a _really big_ laptop

(before plugging in that 15 pound monster laptop, i tried BOTH of my USB soundcards on arch, the macbook, and windows 7 on an old netbook. nothing.)

just fired up my clunky asus rog laptop for the first time since buying the 13" galago pro, because i couldn't get a usb audio interface to be recognized on either arch or the work macbook. i don't really miss debian, but plugging in a device and having it Just Work™ was pretty cool.

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@prydt If you try TrueOS, post about it! I've been thinking about trying it out

two different sorts of keyboard showed up on my doorstep today: the reface cp, and the ibm model f. they both sound really nice (in different ways) and i'm not really sure what to do with either of them.

do you ever make soup and get really excited about it, but then burn the fuck out of your mouth with the soup and not even want soup anymore? cuz same