@dustin Yeah, it's definitely not good, and everyone's unsure about how things are going to turn out :\

it's sad because everyone who works here (at least in product & engineering) actually wants this company to do well, we really like being here and believe in what we're doing and the product is really good. but we can't just magically fix bad leadership.

my team is working on MTA and new CI/CD tools and shit which is fun, but the engineering org isn't allowed to write code or ship products and folks are literally running away without even having other jobs lined up, so i feel exactly like i'm playing cello on the titanic while it's sinking

do you ever feel like the you're playing cello on the titanic while it's sinking?

hi i recorded more shit! this is a bunch of sort of music doodles i was probably never going to turn into full-fledged songs.


my company's ev cert expires in six days and i don't remember how to openssl me a csr oh no

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Unix: / as path separator
Windows: \ as path separator

Centrist compromise: | as path separator
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got helpdesk to give us a channel in the work slack team, it's all downhill from here

if you don't remember "end of ze world" you are too young to follow me

i'm not actively looking to change employers, but if you're doing cool things outside the mormon corridor and are seeking mid-level AWS infra or senior FE engineers.... i wouldn't mind leaving this hellhole

also i'm saying "mormon" instead of "lds" because, like, no one cares, and no one outside of mormon culture even knows what "lds" means. some people live in southern utah and have 5 wives, and some live in the salt lake area and get married at 22 after finishing their mission.

i'll just say this: if, for whatever reason, you're thinking of moving to utah (there are okay schools here, and also a small but growing group of tech companies): unless you're white and mormon, just don't. go literally anywhere else.

i'll probably write about it more once i escape.

it's like a stepford wives kinda thing. i need to stop this thread before it turns into a blog post, but that's the creepy part. everyone here looks and acts the same and it creeps me the fuck out and i want to leave.

also: it's not a miserable place to live because of mormons. mormons are generally kinda chill. it's a miserable place beacuse it's A. a fucking desert, who the fuck wants to live in a desert, and B. homogeneous, who the fuck wants to live around people who are all like 99% clones of each other

when i leave this place, which i really need to do soon because it's a miserable place to live, i'll write about it.

to be clear, this isn't just about mormons. if you live anywhere where the entire culture revolves around one specific cult, it's probably gonna be weird. i just happen to live here.

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