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If you've seen an American you're an honorary gun.

anyway, i have this blog post saved now because i've had a hard time making any changes except by unilaterally deciding and doing shit that no one else wants to deal with (how do we deploy? how do we build and test? that kind of shit)

i was hoping for the "senior" title this year, but with our huge process upheavals and lack of backend resources (it's hard to hire senior .NET developers and the backend "guild" at my employer doesn't have any interest in branching out at all)... i haven't actually done much this year so far.

i think i'm tired of being a powerless peon, but i haven't been in tech long enough to actually earn a technical leadership type position

if i end up accidentally interacting with james "i briefly worked at facebook so clearly i am better than you" kyle or any of his hangers-on one more time i will give up javascript and join you rust nerds.

i think i need a break from the js community

people who schedule meetings before working hours even start shouldn't have management positions

the "let's set off explosives even though this is the desert because AMERICA" idiots have already started with their bullshit, and something's on fire. i hope it's not my building.

hey people, what do you use for dependency management these days? is dep stable/usable/recommended?

or do i want to order pizza AND real food from instacart?

do i want to order pizza or order real food from instacart?

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