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them: You gay?
me 2012: What no I’m straight
me 2014: Yeah very gay
me 2018: Generally speaking, though it really depends on your definition of “gay”. You see, ... (15 minutes later) As we can see from Richardson’s argument, the following holds—hey where are you going I’m not done

anyway here's a cat, since my parents apparently have a horde of cats now


as far as vacations go, this one isn't very relaxing, but it's good to see family. especially since "family" mostly means "extremely old and sick people i'll probably never see again."

objectively, I know that the flight will be safer than my Lyft to the airport. subjectively, going ✈️ vomit

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[slaps roof of unworn shoes] these babies can fit so many babies in them

One more guitar cover before I kinda go offline for a week: 's Something New

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anyway, wish me luck. stepping away and not responding is not easy to do.

this is big for me. i worked through every "vacation" i've taken in the past three years.

i'm on vacation starting tomorrow, flying out to the east coast early friday morning, and i'm _not gonna bring my work computer_. i hope nothing catches on fire. (i am bringing my personal computer, but i don't sign in to work accounts on this thing.)

i don't know anything about this group and i think they're brand new, but they're fun

maybe kpop guitar covers are my thing this month.

instrumental cover of katie's remember:

i have too many keyboards, i didn't expect this to become a hobby

every time i get a new keyboard i say "this is the best keyboard i've ever had," and every time it's true. just got the leopold fc 980c, which is almost exactly like the fc 660c, but has a numpad and separates the function keys and numbers up top. i like this one enough that it's now my at-home code keyboard, and my WASD CODE keyboard now goes in the other room with the studio laptop.

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