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zac anger

oh no, there's now an appimage thing for neovim

Lifehack: turn off all notifications. Quit Slack. Turn off your phone. Disable WiFi. Block your grandmother's texts. Super-glue your mailbox shut. Disconnect your doorbell. Your attention span will thank you.

the chrome 61 bug with box-shadows is my fav thing ever right now tbh

Also why don't we talk about how fantastic Eyedi is, in general?

Why aren't we all talking about how good Jessi's new album is?

It's Friday! I hope you all celebrate by sticking it to the man and leaving work at 4:55!

so i guess soundcloud is going the way of every other internet thing. i'm actually a little sad about that. i've used soundcloud for years to test out tracks and get feedback from people, and some of my fav artists tend to post to soundcloud before bandcamp or official releases.

my fav hobby is accepting invitations on linkedin from spammers and then never reading their messages

"I should not have also posted this on birdsite because BRANDS like to ENGAGE" also

"why did my Lyft just drive right past me"

"why is my Lyft going the wrong way on the map" — me, every day